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You can see them on the top edge right there. They are on the metal. I actually have fully removed the plastic insert at this point, replacing it with brass.
Specifically the #7? Or what type of paint/enamel they use? I have a few chips on my putter. My sister is an art conservationist and she needs to know either what metal it is or what enamel they use to best repair the damage. Thanks
I actually used to do this for long putts all the time. I always still looked at the ball on short putts. I don't remember where I heard it, but the "basketball players dont look at the ball when they shoot, they look at the target" thing is what made me try it. Currently I still do this when practicing for longer putts. I step up to the ball and get a good setup, look at the hole, and hit it before I even have time to think about speed and how hard to hit it. It...
Tourney this last weekend shot 77-76 on a 71.5/135 course... Very easy course. Got third, two guys beat me by one shot. I had 34 and 35 putts respectively each round, hit 12 greens both rounds. Honestly, the scores weren't great for such an easy course, but I'm usually terrible in the spring, so I'm pretty encouraged. I hit my new SLDR better the first day than I have ever hit a driver in my life. Hit the ball phenomenally well in the first round and just okay the...
Sounds like you're the guy to talk to! So I don't want to ruin the paint job on my putter (by using a torch to melt the silicon), do you think I could just pry out the insert and the silicon?One of the reasons I want to do this is is to reduce the mushy feel of the putter, so I would want to use something much harder than the current black silicon to hold in the new metal face. Any ideas what I could use for that?So you used aluminum for your insert, how has it held up? ...
Hi guys,   So I'm in college right now and I have access to some pretty awesome machine shops because I'm in mechanical engineering.  I had this idea the other day....  I have an Odyssey Versa 7, and I'm thinking about replacing the plastic insert with a custom machined metal insert that I would mill down to the right size for my putter in said machine shops.     So I have a few questions... some of which could be difficult to answer.   Have any of you done anything...
It's definitely flat. I compared an old video from behind to a couple pros. Big difference. My next indoor range session is Saturday, I will try to raise that up and see what happens. I'm amazed I have never noticed that.
I came here to ask if I was getting the club far enough back/what stretches I could do to help go further... Saw Robbo68's post, but I didn't want to hijack it, so I'm starting my own thread. Here is a quick video of me a couple days ago: Sorry about the quality/portrait view. I haven't swung a club in 4 months and I noticed I wasn't getting the club even close to parallel. Is it something I should work on or just leave it be?
I know this was a long time ago, but I did finally get the book about a week ago. Pretty busy with school, so I'm only halfway through, but I will certainly let you guys know what I think when I finish it. So far it has confirmed a lot of my beliefs. There have been several moments when I have wanted to yell "I KNEW IT!!" to conclusions the authors have come to. I'm going to make my dad (swing coach?) and my high school coach read it so I can say I told you so.
Another quick question about fitting: I'm always hesitant to get fit at the beginning of the year because I haven't swung a club in 4 months. I feel like my swing may not be the same as when I'm in mid season form. Should I wait or should I just go get fit ASAP?
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