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Do people generally like it? Seems like it could be hard to coach someone without seeing them in person... I like the price though.
But I want to get better. I'm a good player, my dad got me here. I've gotten lessons from 5 pros that I can think of off the top of my head... Approximately 1 lesson per pro. I have never found one that I really loved taking lessons from. I want to keep getting better, and I think the only way to do that at this point is to get lessons of one form or another. The pros I've had lessons from always have conflicting opinions and I'm never sure who to believe. There was...
Oh, I was talking about irons mostly. I rarely do it for my driver. Only if I'm teeing it really low or something would I do it with a driver... Even then rarely.But I definitely like to do it with irons, especially long irons.
I do it. Just depends, I feel like you can improve your lie slightly, so why not. I mean, there is a reason you're not allowed to do it in the fairway... So why not take advantage of it when you can, legally?
Right, but I'm technically getting merchandise... I would just be reselling it. But no one needs to know that?...This was a two part tournament, 2 stroke play rounds then 32 man match play... If you won both you would have gotten $550 in gift certificates... And lost your amateur status? Also, first place in the Indiana State Am gets $750 in a certificate and that is run by the official Indiana Golf Association. What's the deal?
I just won $400 clubhouse credit in my annual city tournament, what is the best way to turn this into cash that I can use for an Edel fitting? I don't know anyone that would want to straight buy the credit off me... I was thinking buy a stock 915 driver with regular flex or stiff flex with 9.5 or 10.5 degree loft and go to eBay with it.. or a bunch of Pro V1s. Any other ideas? Also, could I lose my amateur status for doing this?
I liked reading through this thread. Very cool to see peoples stories. Best casual round was a 67 on a 72, either last summer or two summers ago. Was a pretty short easy course. I play better in tournaments. More focused or something. Best tournament round?... Score wise I've shot 68 (-4) twice. But I wouldn't consider those my best rounds. I shot a -2 70 on a 75.8/149 7350 yard course in a professional event last year and I was tied 15th after the first day. That...
I would slow down the backswing a little and shorten it, and keep the transition from backswing to downswing very smooth, no jerkiness.  I think if you slow everything down a little bit you will find that the ball will go just as far, and it will be way more consistent.  I take the club back about 30 degrees above parallel with an 8 iron and I hit it 165.  You do not need a super long backswing to hit the ball far.   Another thing I would suggest is forcing your... right...
For me, I had a great coach for the first 3 or 4 years I played (my dad), got down to low single digits during that time.  I've been playing about 7 years now.  From the 3 or 4 I was then to the +1 I am now, I have just focused on fundamentals and practicing.  I have no coach.  I just practice and play.  I was reading through your post going "What does that even mean?" to most the points.  I don't think there is a specific "roadmap" to becoming scratch.  Sure, there are...
That's true... I've never thought about it that way. It should make me comfortable that I'm playing well. I'll try that next time. I'm thinking about playing super easy tees just to get used to being under par, but I have a pro (ish) event next week that will be on a long and difficult course so I don't want to come in unprepared for that... Maybe after it I will.
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