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73 at a 72.1/130.... struck the ball well off the tee but putted pathetically. Had 3 three putts. I was happy with the round though.
Awesome, thanks guys. I will probably buy it pretty soon.
How directed toward inexperienced and higher handicappers is this book? How much would I benefit from it? I would love to shoot lower scores if it can actually help me do that!
81. Missed the cut by one shot in the biggest tournament I play in because of it. Golf is very humbling.
Well... the news from my big tournament isn't so good. Shot two under the first day. I was feeling good. T15 after day one, only 4 amateurs beat me. 154 total players. Then shot... +9 today and missed the cut by one shot. Unbelievably disappointed. But that is how golf works. I will keep trying. Good luck to you, I hope you do better than I did. I am sure you will.
My swing isn't hugely different than in the later videos in this thread nowadays, but it is a little better.  Anyway, not why I'm posting... I'm playing extremely well right now.     The differentials of my last 8 rounds: +1.1, +3.6, +1.9, +1.7, 1.1, 1.1, +1.9, +3.3.   Playing the best golf of my life by a decent amount... so my question is, should I mess with my swing? There are a few noticeably wrong things that I can work to fix, but I have big tournaments coming up...
Today I played 9 holes, shot 3 under with two birdies, an eagle, and a bogey...  played nine two days ago and shot 4 under, 5 birdies and a bogey.  Those two rounds posted as a +3.3 combined round for my handicap, both had very low course rating/slope (posted as 67.2/111).  Playing great right now, last 126 holes I'm 8 under overall.  Granted, of those -8, -7 came in the last 18 holes, but the other 108 holes were on much more difficult courses.   Hoping to carry this...
Good luck!! We are in very similar situations. I have an $8k payout tournament coming up that I just qualified for. I made the cut last year, but barely. I can play a lot better than I did. These 4 day events are so much fun, by far my new favorite type of tournament. 7200 is very long for a par 70. I just recently played in my state am, which was played from 7270 75.3/136, but it was par 72. It is definitely still possible to put up good numbers from that distance, ...
Obviously I can't completely visualize based on what you are saying, but I would probably have either played my 58* low trajectory spinner or a 52* with the same type of shot, but it would just roll out a little more. When I'm 25-125 yards, I use the 58 and 52 almost exclusively.
Mvmac, I think we are just using different words for the same thing. "Fundamentals" that I'm working on right now are keeping my left wrist flat at the top of the backswing and at impact, a long slow one piece takeaway, and being extremely smooth. Are those the type of things you are saying to work on? I don't just hit balls... unless I need to take out some anger haha.
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