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I still hit my 3 wood off the deck sometimes, but I pulled the 5 wood out and replaced it with a HALO 19* 2i hybrid.  It's a shorter club and I can hit it just over 200 off the deck, and more than that off the tee.   I use it almost exclusively on par 5s.  I figure if I hit 210 with the 2i, then 190 with the 3i, I have a short iron onto the green.  Heck with trying to bomb it off the tee for the 550+ holes.    
While on the range, I start working the wedges first and then work my way through the bag until I get to the driver. By that time, I am way loose and can start ripping it. I usually draw a few comments from other practicing golfers, as I am only 5'5". I can hit over 300 over and over on the range with remarkable accuracy. I am simply not crazy enough to coil up into a corkscrew and spin out of it like a Tasmanian Devil on the course. During a round, when I am...
To justify the righteousness of the Cleveland driver. I hit the 2006 HiBore 9.5 wiht a Fujikura stiff shaft 300+ with no problem...and I am 5'5" 160lbs. Smooth as butter.
I visited a golf course's range that I had never played for the first time yesterday. They had an elevated green marked "playing 275 today." I pulled the Cleveland driver out and stroked about 15 in a row into the bunker right behind that green. Satisfying.
Jack and Arnie put golf on the map for future generations. Although the fields the beat were not nearly as deeps as the current fields, they broke the ground that Tiger plays on.
I almost sell enough office furniture.
I have to agree with Garch. I have completely bought into the great playability of Cleveland's clubs. I started with their woods, then the wedges. Now everything I own has a big GC on it, with the exception of the Odyssey putter. It is somewhat satisfying to pull the same brand out of the bag for every shot. Like Garch, I am a walking advert for GC. I have hats to match every golf shirt, and carry the '08 tour bag. In the bag is: HiBore 9.5 Launcher 15* and...
New Posts  All Forums: