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Thanks guys, i guess i will try to see what happens after a few more weeks, and will work on the grip if this continues...cheers!
Hi guys, new to golf so this might be silly question but ever since i started playing (2-3 weeks ago) my right hand and fingers hurt and especially more when i close my fingers. Is there something wrong with my grip? I hit about 100-150 balls everyday for practice. Please let me know what am i doing wrong.... Thanks, Aneesh
Thanks for the tips guys, I think you guys are right about the swaying away part. That is probably the reason why I keep hitting the top of the ball or some other part. I will try and implement these ideas and report back...cheers!!
Hi guys, I am just starting out with golf and have been taking lessons for the past 2 weeks (3 sessions) so pls go easy on me ;) But seriously i was looking for some feedback on my swing. I am currently doing the half swing as the instructor feels that is the most i should focus on. Lemme know what you think. Cheers, Aneesh
Hi guys, Love the forum. I'm Aneesh and I'm originally from India, grew up in Abu Dhabi, lived the past 15 yrs in Houston and now back in Abu Dhabi to complete the circle of life! Never played golf before and decided to take up classes a couple of weeks ago and here I am. Still in the early stages of my development as a golf player but hopefully with some practice i will make a decent player. I will post a video of my swing in the help section, hopefully i can get...
Too many to pick from..."Sholay" would be my favorite Indian film and from Hollywood i would say "12 Angry Men" is really up there. I also enjoyed "The Seven Samurai" a lot.
2009 Mountaineer...so far so good :)
5' 11" 187lbs
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