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If that happened to me, I wouldn't change anything about that driver!  
I use an Android app. Definitely good for me, as I can easily be off 15-20 yards or more when I try to eyeball it using yard markers -- I'm just not good at that. And forget it if I'm shooting from off the fairway. The app cost me $1.99, but if I had the cash to burn I'd upgrade to get a quicker, more accurate gps.   $300 in lessons won't help you when your hitting for 130 yards when the pin is 110 yards away.
I think this goes to show that any written materials on golf will only get you so far. Unfortunately, we need to pay the $$ to have an instructor match his or her instruction to our particular swing, and explain in detail what that instruction actually means. It's like trying to find an article to cure a shank. The cure will work, if you know which of the multitude of possible reasons is actually causing you in particular to shank. And even advice as simple as "you're...
I've taken lessons from Rick Sessinghaus at the Chevy Chase Country Club, right in your back yard. http://www.ricksessinghaus.com/
I only shoot in the 90s, but am decent enough with my wedges that I wished I had one. Poor off the tee is my weakest point, but I also suck at gauging distances. I played with a friend who has one, and I avoided at least three instances where my estimates using course markers and the lame skydroid gps app on my phone were off by 7 to 8 yards on pitch shots. Hit the green on all three. Sure, $300 in lessons might be more beneficial, but three strokes are three strokes.
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