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Best way I've found is to try to maintain a consistent distance between the butt of your club and your body.
To clarify, hitting the ground is interpreted as placing a mark imo.
Illegal. 8-2. Indicating Line Of Play a. Other Than on Putting Green Except on the putting green, a player may have the line of play indicated to him by anyone, but no one may be positioned by the player on or close to the line or an extension of the line beyond the hole while the stroke is being made. Any mark placed by the player or with his knowledge to indicate the line must be removed before the stroke is made.
I just checked the website for the practice ticket lottery information, and I felt like I stepped back into the 1940s. You have to snail-mail a hand-written letter with your contact information just to receive information about the practice ticket lottery process. I mean, I know the Masters is a bit stuffy and behind the times, but wow - let's get with the 20th century guys, let alone the 21st.
I played Pebble about 8 years ago, and it was fantastic. I only wish I had been a better golfer at the time that I had the opportunity to play. The course scenery is breathtaking, and the rough is THICK. I would recommend it to any golfer with the means and opportunity. Edit to add: I'm still not good enough to consider myself worthy to play it, but I think I would still enjoy myself even more than I did.
To those that recommended Myrtle Beach, I am from Texas and sick of my weekly round in 104 degree heat. I have 3-4 days off in September and am looking to take a trip solo (I could even go Wednesday - Sunday and play Thurs/Fri/Sat). I am a high handicapper obviously, but play quickly. Would you guys still recommend Myrtle to me? If I do it, I would fly into Florence, rent a car, and drive to Myrtle Beach, and make the tee-times as a single walk-on the day...
Howdy. I also just joined - I am an auditor.
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