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I'm currenntly using an old Odyssey Dual force blade. A friend gave it to me when he moved. It sat around for a bit until I had it cut/regripped to fit me. I started using it and fell in love. It just feels right and the fit is right ( I'm very short ) Having said that I've long had my eye on an Odyssey # 9 White Hot Tour ( I like the finish ) and as prices fall and I sit all winter with no golf, we'll see what I end up using next year.
Titleist 983K. I don't know why but I loved that thing. When I was hitting it well it went faaaaaaaaarr.
Absolutely crushing a driver off the tee and watching it go dead straight down the fairway.....until the wind that you failed to properly account for pushes it off the fairway and into the long grass.
I think it should be noted that many mid to high cappers would benefit from reading this book and applying the strategy to the entire course. My last round I birdied a par 4 that the other 3 guys I was playing with got pars and bogeys on. They all hit driver off the tee while I hit a three iron. One drive went in the long grass, one in a bunker and the other behind a big grassy mound to the left of the green. My 3 iron? Laid up to the fairway bunker in front of the green,...
After I have addressed the ball and have completed my set up I ask myself " Is this good?" From there if I feel like it's good my only other thoughts are " Back and Through" to help promote a good rythmn. If after I ask myself if it's good I don't feel right, I start my set up all over.
I keep my reliable Odyssey Dual Force Blade in my bag. It's just very very familiar to me and gets the job done. I do own a Nike OZ mallet and right now we have a love/hate relationship.
Yes, he didn't do a very good job at it. I find it funny how alot of the S & T pieces are making their way into " tips " without anyone coming out and giving them credit where credit is due.
Anyone catch The Golf Fix tonight lol.
Interesting take on the shot. I think I'll give it a couple trials in my practice this week.
My putting has improved astronomically over the last few weeks and I'll tell you why. I get behind my ball, crouch down to get a read. All I do is look, I don't think to myself " well, it goes left, blah blah blah", just look and take it all in . I start walking back to my ball and take my grip. I stand over the ball and look to the hole and think " ok, that far, uphill/downhill a little etc" Look down, check my putter face alignment and swing. All of this is done...
New Posts  All Forums: