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I would potentially sell it now, if the price is right.
A nike machspeed hybrid would be a great choice. I currently game the 2 and 3 hybrids(the 2 replaces my 5 wood). They work great out of the rum and the ball absolutely launches off the club. I would also suggest a Ping putter. For the driver, i currently game a machspeed driver as well, however I am not fond of its loud sound.
I have singh and toms on my bench. I really hope they play this good tomorow.  
I have created a new group for those who are unable to participate in this one. This will be comprised of Sandtrap members only.   Password:two-putt Group Name:Golf Guys Group ID:15560
I want to play, however i can't find the join a group option anywhere
Has any body ever come across one of these before. I picked one up today at play it again sports for 30 dollars. If anybody has any information on who it is made by, it would be greatly appreciated.
They have "MINT" Precept Laddies on sale for only FIVE DOLLARS PER DOZEN!!!!!!!!!!!
I am going to search all day fridsy, i will let every one know how it turns out.
As far as I know, there arn't any courses that have rules like this.
So, nobody is interested in any balls I find. So does anyone no wher I could sell them.
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