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Does anyone think that the way Hunter ended it might have caused damage that is going to take a long time to bounce back from? It feels worse than Dustin Johnson's blow ups, to me anyway. I hope he can recover quickly, but I don't know it will be all he hears about for quite some time I imagine.
I would have to say the Taylormade RAC TP MB's but I'm kind of partial to them...
Fowler was the man down the stretch! Not such a bad pick after all.
I would love to play Pebble, but I seriously doubt I ever will. If I was going to spend that kind of money on a round, I would save more and play St. Andrews.
Yesterday, I was out playing a round and hit behind a tree. It apologized and got out of the way for me. I would assume that’s just considered a movable obstruction and your fine in moving it.
I would have to say "Getting back on track." After a hiatus of 8 years due to military commitments, it was hard to think about let alone play golf much.
Hello, I have been looking at this forum for a while now and decided to join. Looks like I will get alot of useful information from here.
Never made any of real distance, just little chips around the greens. Closest ever was a lip out left 3 inches from the hole from about 116. Would have been my first and only eagle but had to settle for a tap in birdie.
Former Marine now attending College for Computer Science Information Assurance.
Age: 26 Height: 6'2'' Where are you from: Ottawa, OH (by Findlay) How Long have you been Playing: Started seriously last year but have played off and on for 12 years Best Score: 84(18 holes) 38(9 holes) Favorite club in the bag: 52* Golf Books / DVD's that have helped you: Havent read any Where do you play: Northwest Ohio Best courses you've played so far: Blackberry Patch Coldwater, MI Things you enjoy most about golf: The feeling of that...
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