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What's with the settings for the country club tourney? Swing meter and green grid off? Spin on?   Why not just set it to tour pro settings, caddy off, no spin, breezy, tournament course conditions, hard or expert pins, long rough.   Would be a good challenge for everyone.
    Absolutely the funniest part of the video. lol
I sprained my meniscus in my right leg about a month ago, and I don't trust it enough to transfer my weight onto it. Makes it tough to make a consistent move.
I went -16,-11,-18, & -19 in the 4 rounds using a controller. It looks bad on the leader board because I've done all 4 rounds. Someone else already went -15 in their 1st round, meaning I'd have a 1 shot lead on day one. It'll be closer when everyone finishes. Playing more and putting your xp in distance will help you hit it further. Doing sponsor challenges and unlocking new equipment helps too. My guy has a 78 in power and hits it about 280.
  As the guy who posted the -64, I didn't actually use the spin. I didn't even realize it was on until halfway through the 3rd round. I always set my shots to land soft, and the course having slow conditions with almost no wind made it easy. Didn't hurt that it was at Sawgrass (one of my favorites) where I have the gold mastery.   Perhaps the next tourney could have at least fast conditions to make it a little challenging? Also, turn off putt previews.  
I shot a 75 today on a tough course (7024yds, 74.5/142 slope). I felt like I was in control of the golf ball today. When I wanted a draw, it came around. When I wanted to hit it high, it elevated and rode the wind. I only hit 6 GIR's but made up for it with a hot putter (only 24 putts today). Just a quality round. Today was a good day...
Adidas 4.0's here. I had a good pair of Footjoys that I liked but they just didn't fit my feet perfect. I like both brands, I love the classic look of the high end Footjoys though.
I think Title IV is awful. Women's sports don't generate nearly the revenue that men's do, yet they're entitled to equal funding across the board?Men's golf is just more exciting to watch. With both sexes on at the same time, most people tune into the PGA tour.
New (and poor) golfers could save themselves a whole lot of strokes by just playing within themselves and avoiding big numbers. However, so many fall into the traps of thinking they have to hit driver off the tee or try to hit the miracle shot out of the rough. All most of them do is bring double, triple, or worse into play...
The 2 3/4" tees are fine as long as the ground isn't too sandy. 3+" tees are just too long for anything other than a driver. I usually search for a broken tee on any hole I hit an iron off the tee.
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