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For some reason I'm not nearly as interested in this season as I was the last.
This past Saturday, July 7th. We teed off before 8AM and by 11:30AM, it was 102 degrees Fahrenheit.
  I picked her to win. Too bad...   I think Marcela has this in the bag now.
I think I smoked one the course once or twice years and years ago. I'm a bad golfer now, back then I was just digging holes around the course, enjoying my golf cart ride. I don't smoke weed now, only because I reached a point where I was abusing every drug, legal or not. I just stopped the abuse and dropped the illegal drug use completely. If weed is ever made legal, I'll fire up again.   I don't get drug tested, and I wouldn't excuse myself if anyone I was playing...
I have an app that tracks putts, fairways, sand and penalty strokes. I also write out my score as I go along, on the traditional scorecard, and there I only track total strokes and putts.
    Thread title took me back in time!
  I sure didn't want to come off cynical or bitchy, but it was pretty funny to me that the gay marriage thing just got lost along the way, twice :)
Good luck, hope you find someone to golf with!   I'm just up the road from you, in Enon. But I'm golfing Friday in West Liberty and Saturday in Cincinnati :(
  THE very first post in this thread.   It's not really a segue, since it's in the very first post of this thread and it's at least the 2nd time that someone asked basically the same thing. I know it's 5 pages back but it's the post that got the thread started.   Zip and his escapades stole the show for a page or 2, but it's not that hard to remember how the thread got started.   :)
On my local course, one hole has a wasteland area running along the right of the fairway, it used to have a drainage pond and lots of trees, if you hit there, you were dead. They started cleaning it up, moving out dead trees, clearing out the area. It looks nice now but it's still just as bad to hit there.   One day we had just teed off, I hit right there, and then I noticed the stakes and cord marking the area off, they had replanted some grass in the area where the...
New Posts  All Forums: