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Any other thoughts?
Thanks.  I'll try experimenting with my hips on the range.
I've been Playing Golf for:​ 3 years My current handicap index or average score is: 4.6 My typical ball flight is: draw The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: push fade I picked up this awful push fade in midst of working on eliminating my snap hook.  Any help would be much appreciated.     Videos:
K, that's all.  I'm done :)
  As I mentioned in the above post, you have to look at what was happening in the time that this was written to interpret it accurately. This was a strict call to obedience. Before they did the work of building the tabernacle, God first called Israel to the work of simple obedience. Basic obedience is a pre-requisite for doing work for the Lord.  You can take it and enjoy it if you want. If you don't take it, it is not going to damn you or condemn you.
http://www.evilbible.com/christians_are_hypocrites.htm A few examples:   That is in the language a comparative.  This verse is talking about how your love for Jesus Christ must be supreme. It must be greater than your love for your family, your home or yourself.  You have to remember that the Bible wasn't written in English, and going back to the original language to interpret is crucial.  Going back 2,000 + years, following Christ did cost some of them their families,...
  Out of curiosity, what is ignored?
I find it funny that a lot of you are commenting on how it's wrong for Bubba to "judge" gays, but you are judging Bubba for agreeing with Chris.  Ironic much?   As a side note, I don't think Bubba's tweet was meant to judge Jason Collins.
Record your swing and put it in the member swings area - we can help you out there.
My cavity back gap wedge that came with the set broke and I'm planning to replace it with a Vokey 52*.  I've tried out a friend's vokey 52* and my dad's cleveland 52*, and for some reason I just can't hit a "speciality" gap wedge well at all.  The club feels heavier, clumsiery, and more prone to hitting it fat.  Also, when I feel like I hit it good it only goes 110.  A normal gap wedge for me is 135.  It doesn't have that same piercing flight as my cavity back wedge...
New Posts  All Forums: