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I own and operate an indoor golf center in Michigan.
I have no good reasons for not liking some golfers and I fully accept the childishness of this but holy hell I hate Rickie Fowler.  It's not the clothes so much, he just looks too much like Justin Beiber to me.  Get a haircut!  Same goes for Rory McIlroy.  Can't stand looking at either of them on tv.  As childish as this is these are perfectly valid reasons for me to hate them. 
Here's a link to another vid of him:   http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=102583779780833&ref=mf   Definitely an interesting character.  Would've been a great guy to golf with.  Here's a link to the feats mentioned:   http://www.countyogigolf.com/feats.htm   He seemed to not really be caught up in the mechanical side of the swing.  It was completely mental to him.  I love how fast he sets up and hits the ball.  Incredibly beautiful, fluid swing, too.
  My 2nd oldest daughter got me this little guy for Christmas:     I think I'll turn him into a headcover for my putter.
For those that might want to watch it you can see it at http://espn.go.com/espn3/player?id=73151&league=Golf
Congrats. My best for 9 holes so far is 41. Hopefully I can beat that tomorrow. Don't know, though. I didn't play today 'cause I had to wait for the snow to melt. XD
I didn't see a thread about it so I figured I'd start one. I didn't watch it live but managed to catch it on ESPN3.com's replay. That was great seeing Domenic Mazza hit one 404. I was glad to see him advance to the final. And holy crap Sadlowski. Starting big with his first swing. It's a shame he didn't make it to the final. Hell of a lucky shot for Joe Miller. Can't say I liked seeing him win given he only kept what...3 or 4 shots on the grid? Lucky for him they...
If there's no snow on the ground then it's not too cold. I played in the rain today. It was great. Wish I had some rain gloves though.
That's pretty much normal. I still remember hitting my pitching wedge around 90-100 yards :P. Now I hit it around 130. Distance comes with lots and lots and lots....and LOTS of practice. Not just randomly swinging at balls either but studying a good golf swing and learning it. Welcome to the obsession! :) May it frustrate and exhilarate you as much as it has all of us.
I hit the pin with my second shot on a long par 4 from about 165 yards. Ended up about 6 inches from the hole. That's the closest I've come to holing out from off the green that wasn't a chip in.
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