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Just ordered it. Should be receiving tomorrow and will let you know. Picked up TW11 yesterday too. Had the '08 previously. Played my first round today (without the Move) and like it better than '08.I have heard Daly is a little more realistic for putting, but the overall game is lacking. There is a demo on PSN I will try.
Hi All- Took some driver video today and wondering if I can get some comments. The front-on shots are pretty bad as they only show half the picture, but do show what is (or is not) happening with the weight shift.. I know the 9I swing isn't perfect either, but it flies the way it should. I am fighting a slice on my driver and a major power loss. I used to hit about (avg) 230-250, and am now fighting a slice that is dropping me around 180... I see my downswing...
Clearwater, FL: Stays green as long as the course keeps it wet. Winter is our dry season. We burned some greens last year b/c it was colder than usual, but normally it's not a problem. Palm trees don't change color!
My wife is a little over 5'9" and it was suggested that she play with Men's senior clubs. They are a little longer for her height, but the A flex is very similar to the Ladies flex. Bought her a new set of Nickent senior irons (4/5 H, 6-SW iron) for dirt cheap off eBay. The clubs are very light and flex perfectly for her. Also, there are a lot of options when buying senior clubs vs. ladies clubs.
try Amelia Island Plantation outside of Jax. I live in Tpa and go there every year for a few days to play with the old college buddies. Great deals, all inclusive golf stuff, great courses on the ocean. Very reasonably priced compared to Doral (nice course, hole of a city).
Let me know if you find any.. I am going to Charleston for the first time next month and would love to play it if it's not insanely priced!
I have the SV Tour 52/56/60 set. The 52 is my favorite club in my bag. The 56 is a good sand wedge. Can't hit the 60 to save my life. Full swing goes anywhere from 50-110 yds.. Can not seem to dial in the consistency. That said, I can open the face on the 52 from a tight lie and it flops right in there. Definitely recommend, though the 60 requires talent I don't seem to possess.
+1 for Golfshot. It's a 1 time purchase where GLogix is a subscription. $29.99 is better than a $300 SkyCaddie. that said, don't fall for the $20 GolfScape app that the GolfShot people sell. It's a fun toy for about 10 minutes then you realize it is pretty useless on the course.
I've been using GolfShot for the iPhone 4 since day 1. I also had it on my 3GS. On the 3GS, a round would put me down to about 40%. On the 4, about 65% remaining after the round. You learn how to manage when to put it in standby and when to leave it on also. For the 3GS, I used GolfShot and GolfLogix. They had about the same functionality, but GolfLogix would grab a satellite quicker. On the iPhone 4 (actually on iOS4 - my 3GS was better after I updated), the...
New Posts  All Forums: