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Thanks @nevets88 I'll give it a shot!
Very nice @mvmac, enjoyed hearing your thoughts of what you'd like to do before the shots.   @jamo I just watched your video on page 2 just now, your captions are hilarious!! Hope you'll do some more, if you do I'll definitely be watching :)     There was soccer on tv here last night and the course was empty, they already closed up before I got out so the flag on the first hole is missing (they take some that are close to the road in at night). I was literally the...
Thanks Erik, too bad but I understand there's a lot of work involved.
@iacas, are there any plans at all to have this released for windows as well? Been using V1 for a few years now but really like some of the features the analyzr is offering.
@CarlSpackler, that should work all right. Only downside is you can't point the camera up and down or tilt it from left to right but it should fit on your clickgear cart like that for sure.
LOL, that's hilarious! I use it like this for my evolvr video's and just turn them around with software afterwards, but the whole thing tilts really easy for 'regular video's' as well :)I'll try and get out one of these days on a quiet time and do some filming to see how it goes, should be fun. BTW cool to see you play with only one club, I like doing that every now and then, good fun and very easy to walk around with just one club.
Just saw this post, good fun watching you guys! I've filmed my swing out on the course but never made any longer video's.   For the people looking to mount a camera to their trolley somehow, I did the following:             I screwed a camera mount into the threads for the umbrella holder. Very easy to mount and unmount the camera like this and it sits secure on the trolley while pushing it around.
Thanks guys, really appreciate it! :)   CarlSpacker, some good idea's for a fund raiser during a tournament. I really like the idea of the raffle tickets on the par3, I've seen something similar over here several times where you pay to be in the 'hole in one' challenge to win a car. The other idea's are good and could be fun as well but this would work in a 'serious' tournament as well without affecting scoring. I think I'll try and see if I can get my local course to...
Would be a tough day playing all day long but it would be for a good cause! :)   Birdies4Elephants is going well, thanks for asking. It's given me the opportunity to tell lots of people about the problems facing the elephants and the danger of extinction. Would have liked to have made more birdies by now but there's been lots of people helping which has been great. I wrote an update on the website the other day or you can follow things on facebook if you'd like :)
@Royster1984, how is the charity golf coming along? :)
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