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Great initiative Royster! Maybe you could have people sponsor you with a small amount for every hole you can manage to play in a day and try to play as many as you can?   I try and raise awareness for the plight of elephants by making birdies and telling everybody I get paired to about them. I've had several people in my flights join me to raise money for them for the day or donate afterwards which so far has been really great. Please see the link in my signature for...
@Nemicu welcome to the forum :)
I film a lot of my swings in the covered area of the driving range, unfortunately we get quite a bit of rain and if I wouldn't go practice in the rain I'd have weeks of not hitting balls at all, lol. You won't need footage of the ballflight so as long as there's enough room to film yourself swinging from the front and down the line and there's sufficient light for your camera to work you should be ok.
Dave and Erik, thanks a lot for posting this little preview of the book. It's such simple and clear advise yet something I've not thought about enough in the past. I feel confident chipping but if I can choose I'd rather take my chances putting. Since I saw this thread I have played a few 9 hole rounds and aiming for the center of the green seems a much easier task then aiming for the flag which helps me mentally as well so I can swing more relaxed in a way. It sure has...
Actually it has a fixed smash factor and makes an educated guess of your carry distance based on the club head speed. It can't see if you hit the ball well or not, or if you even hit a ball at all for that matter. I think Swing Byte gives you clubhead speed as well? if it does you could extrapolate the carry distance just like the 3Bays unit does yourself.
 @BubblesUSMC, how is it better then the TOMI, is it just the ease of use or also the rest of the features? The TOMI seems to give more elaborate feedback?
Nice job @David in FL looks like some pretty good contact there! :D     It's fun to try, I know a few people who are left handed so whenever I meet them on the range I sneak in a few swings with one of their clubs. Not that long ago I even used it out on the course, I was right next to a big tree and had no swing at all so in stead of doing the smart thing and just taking the drop I turned around my sandwedge. It wasn't pretty but I managed to fling the ball fairly...
  I play the 775's as well. I have tried the MP64's on several occasions last month and think they are a really nice iron. They feel/sound a little different then the 775's on good impact (very nice feeling) and performance is about the same as the 775's for me. They have slightly wider soles so should be a bit more forgiving on fat shots and I really liked the look of them at address. Not enough of a difference for me to consider switching, but they sure felt like nice...
I hadn't followed up on this thread but just saw the email saying you reached your goal. Congrats guys! Sorry I couldn't contribute more, still really looking forward to see what the book will look like once you're done :)
Thanks a lot for clearing that up for me Mike! I had enough distance between the balls so know I'll have to pay more attention to the first bit of the takeaway as well
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