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Golf is just weird. I go through spots where my swing just disappears. Then, I will be standing over a tough shot with no confidence, nail it, and the world is right again for a few months. For me, slumps happen when my timing is off. One thing, make sure you always hit the putting green if only for 5 minutes before your round.
I say no it is not worth it from a performance stand point. But, if you think it will make you a better putter and give you more confidence, go for it. A putter is supposed to help you make more putts. That's it. I have yet to figure out the allure of designer putters, thank goodness.
Smaller makers like Rife will most likely be gobbled up like Never Compromise was by Cleveland. I have no evidence to back up that Rife will fall aside, just sayin. It's a shame as it is the little guys that usually push the big guys to keep up.
Only happens to me by accident...going below 75 that is. On those particular days it is ALWAYS the putter that leads the charge. Last round I shot a 76 with 33 putts. Not all that great. But, I one putted the last 3 greens. All of em were over 20 feet and 2 for birdies. Days like that make me wonder what would have happened if I would have just made a couple 8 footers. Live by the blade, die by the blade
Grats. Like the feel of the Methods.
Lots of varied replies. One thing I DO hate about the wind is at the range like was mentioned earlier. 200y drives....40 yard full wedge shots....3W, 4W, 3H, 4H all going the same distance....bleh. Most of us can agree that the wind does force us to play better golf even if we shoot crappier scores.
Hit my 7 iron almost 200 yards today and hit my 6 iron almost 150 yards today. Anyone else like playing in the wind? I used to hate it, now I enjoy it. For whatever reason I focus more when the wind is howling.
TP Mills and maybe Machine putters might pull off what you want. Shot them an email. If I ever decided to get a custom putter those would be my choices. Edit: After looking, to get customization it may be out of the $400 range for these 2 makers. Never hurts to ask em though.
Drop the pass? You want him to CATCH the pass. Massaqoui was going to the ground with or without the ball. Harrison was sitting right on top of the play. In football terms he had an eternity to decide what to do. Let the guy get his 2 yards and let the clock run is my point. Not sure why you think end of half is trivial. If the Browns get in 7-6 or 7-10 the game takes a different shape. You see Ohio in my sig and think I am a Browns fanboy. I am a football...
In a 2 minute defensive drill you give away all the 2 yard over the middle stuff. If there was a chance Massaquoi was going to get away, yes, break it up. But, he was headed to the turf with or without the ball. Tap on the shoulder and play is over. Tactically, it would have been the smart thing to do. Dunno, we teach the kids to play smart as well as hard. I wouldn't expect one of our kids to pull that play off, but if he did he would be rewarded. Football is as...
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