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Come on. Ask a PGA pro and I guarantee that they would say it doesn't bother them, the "shouts" are ALWAYS post swing. I'm sure the opposite can be said with cell phones and cameras clicking in their back swing. It's not about you (spectators) and it never will be about you. it's about the the guys inside the ropes. Go cry all you want, but do it on your mom's time. On that note. "LIGHT THE CANDLE" bahahaha.
Breaking 80 once is fluke. It's nice your trying to hit solid iron, but unless your throwing darts to 2 feet, I'd focus on other aspects. You will need to putt and chip like a man possessed. If you have time to practise,go throw balls in the woods and still find a way to make par.
I cant believe people waste their time debating this topic. Golf is a time bandit as it is, so why would one waste time balancing golf balls instead of practicing?   I watched the video. How do you know this guy hasn't spent his lifetime collecting and balancing balls? Chances are that's what he wrote his paper on in school, and the dozen or so balls he has could just be a manufacturing defect. You know, in manufacturing you cant check every ball. The quality control...
Good question. I would imagine the grooves are worn in that impact area, so you could be loosing a bit of spin. If those were my clubs i would be replacing them (if the budget allowed). Then again, the rust in the sweet spot could be acting a like sand paper and putting more spin on the ball than one might think?   Thats my .02
WOW, really, a bladed 2 iron 230?  LOL
I dont see a issue, hit the 3w 275 and leave the driver at home.   Also, that sounds like typical internet driving numbers to me for 16 cap.
  Get the MC's. If you played the Slazenger "seve's" back in the day to a 10 or so cap, then you will have zero problems getting solid contact with TM MC irons. They will likely be more forgiving than your old clubs. As far as shafts go, this rule of thump is a good guide line ^^^^^^^^. Look into Project X shafts, there pretty cool, and carry lots of options to suit most swings.   What is it about the Taylor Made MC's that caught your eye?
I voted for never.   I lie, i did take lesson's when i first got started, but it took a dozen lesson's with 3 different accredited instructors for me realize that being thought how to swing a club by someone who teaches the same crap to everyone they see, is extremely counter productive. Now i have a golf coach, not swing instructor, and my game is starting to take shape.   My wife and her friends signed up for a whole series of lessons this season....You best...
DOOM!   I'm sure you guy's is wife's are more tame then mine, but don't expect your lady to smile all day long when your blasting your shots, and she cant even get her ball to the end of the tee box!   Goof luck
Nice,  I had two wisdom teeth pulled last May, so i know it hurts if there starting to get impacted, but i feel like wisdom tooth pain could have been the easiest excuse to pull off for the rory camp, and if his tooth did hurt. He would of been shoving the typical sign of tooth pain...oh well.
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