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Oh boy. Rory is making news, but not because of his scores. More like the lack of even posting a score.Rory is great for the game, and i'm a big fan of him, but Come' on man!   It ain't that easy to win. To win when everyone expects you to win.( Tiger you tha man)   Could this be attributed to equipment change? Could the titlesit clubs have had some voodoo, or was it the wizards in the tour van, possibly,sprinkling magic dust over the clubs? Someone with his...
All golf stuff is expensive. I usually get golf clothes for Christmas, birthdays, things like that, or i would be wearing jeans and a tee golfing!! LOL   NOT!!
I mostly wear a Blue jays baseball cap when i play away from my home course, since I work a few shifts a week in the pro shop, were they frown upon wearing any hats that arent branded with some golf logo or company. My options are golf hats, or no hat. I have a butt load of golf hats to choose from tho, and a few times a year company reps drop by and offer goodies to staff members, and i usually take a hat over balls.
Sounds about right.   According to MyFItnessPal.com a full swing can burn 239 Cal per hr at the driving range.
I've never been a fan of Haney, or his teaching methods. I can't imagine Phelps breaking 80 on a regular basis, he's almost too flexiable for the game.   CRUSHER47-- Man, I love your avatar!!!
Please put your preferences of major golf manufactures in the following categories: Category Liked Most Runner-up Comments Drivers Taylor Made Caly razr fit  I like the high rate of turnover with TM, so im able to buy last year gear for a quarter of the price. This allows me to "pose" with the latest gear on the 1st tee! LOL Fairway Woods Taylor made Caly razr...
Played yestrday in the cold, windy, and almost snowy conditions. Hands did freeze again on the back nine because of the 25-30mph winds, and the same winds kepy my GIR to only 4, i still struggeled with touch around the greens and my score refected it.   I shot 41-41 for a 82, with 2 birdies and 1 double, and a whole lot of bogeys. There are 2 more courses opening up in the next week, and also a D range that's right around the corner from my pace...im pumped!
LOL Good eye.   I was rushing while writing that because i was in class...But, yes. Im Canadain Eh, is not so smart...
I basically live in the golf capital of the Canada, there are more than 25-30 courses within a a hour or so drive in either direction, and we don't actually see any decline in participation, but if ihad to guess why people around this neck of the woods aren't tripping over themselves to golf. Its because golf can be hard if you don't have some athletic ability, and the big one is, the image that golf is for rich snobs who have nothing better to do. I'll admit, that was...
I concur. I followed her group on Sunday at the CN Open last summer, and i couldn't get over how composed past her years she was...At this rate she could win a few majors before she commits to college, and that would be something else!!
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