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And leave out Pine Valley and Seminole? I haven't played any but the overwhelming consensus is that other than Oakmont and Shinnecock none of these are at that level.
Sorry to be anal but it's "dual" not "duel".
Agree with you and Erik. The OP is reading way too much into this.
A horrible idea but I think the team would be very loose. John's a fun guy but I don't see him having the discipline to lead anything.
. Very bizarre Bump. And to answer the original question. She is as American as me. I was also born in the US. End of story.
Here's the story on the duck penis study http://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/statements/2013/mar/22/tweets/federal-government-funding-study-duck-penises/. If there is no funding for science, how would we know how nature works? I'm sure there there are far more heinous uses for our tax money. But if we decided to eliminate funding for science and the arts, what kind of country are we going to be? We would never go to the moon in this sort of scenario.
I'm good with being more socialist if that's what you want to call it. Slippery slope using that word.We are a representative republic so the legislature you elect makes spending decisions for us. It's the basis for our country.
I love when some say you should run the government like a business. The tripartite government in the US is not like any business I know of. No doubt there's waste but until we change the way money effects elections, that will not change. It's the influence of special interests that creates waste and undue influence.
No thank you. I'm pleased with my current economic philosophy. In doing a quick Internet search, there are many who have serious concerns about Mises' philosophies. 
In my case, my family is decidedly Middle Class and I don't at all think I'm over taxed. Compared with many other nations we are severely under taxed and the result is our crumbling infrastructure, poor education system, extremely high cost of secondary education and the widening gap between the middle class and the wealthy. I am more than happy to pay taxes to help those who need it.  But to keep this on golf, Norman is no different than most pro golfers who are wealthy...
New Posts  All Forums: