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No single player. I first started golfing in the early 1970's and of course at that time Jack Nicklaus was the most dominant player as well as captivating to watch. A few basic principles of my setup are text book Nicklaus from reading Golf My Way. But the true influence on my interest in the game was the opportunity to golf with my best friends on a fine Saturday.
I also live in SE Michigan and I have never heard of amateur tours in our area. There are tournaments for higher handicap golfers like you and I once in a while. You may want to contact the Michigan PGA who may be more helpful.    You can look into joining a golf league at a local course. These are plentiful in our area.
Because so many said exactly the same before the 2013 season. How did that turn out?
In early May about 15 years ago I was playing at the Garland Resort which is about 3 hours north of Detroit. This was a yearly weekend outing, 36 on Friday and 36 on Saturday but in Michigan that time of year is hit or miss. That afternoon was sunny but about 40 with periodic snow. It was great fun due to the nature of the foursome and we drank a lot of hot chocolate that day. I don't mind playing when it's in the 40's as long as the sun is out and the wind is down.
Agree. I know a lot of golfers, some are very good and often break 80. I can't think of one who is a 5.
Couples is a laid back guy who seems to have always just wanted to play golf. He doesn't usually get involved in the politics of the game. I think that's what he means.
I agree as well. Tom is among the greatest golfers of all time but is certainly behind Nicklaus, Woods, Hogan, Player and probably Palmer even though Arnold has one fewer major. I don't consider players that go back as far as Hagen or Jones. It's too hard to make the comparison.
And leave out Pine Valley and Seminole? I haven't played any but the overwhelming consensus is that other than Oakmont and Shinnecock none of these are at that level.
Sorry to be anal but it's "dual" not "duel".
Agree with you and Erik. The OP is reading way too much into this.
New Posts  All Forums: