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The criteria is how much maintenance, water and pesticides it takes to sustain a course. Courses like Old Works have their merits initially but what does it cost to maintain it? Probably the same as most courses.  The reality is that it costs a lot of resources and money to keep most courses in nice condition. Think about keeping out weeds, maintaining greens, trees, fairways and rough. If you own a course in California right now, your course is probably pretty brown due...
I don't see what that has to do with anything. He wasn't going to win the Masters this year anyway. I stand by my statement that it's foolish to count him out. 
That's a bit strong. Are you talking about the same guy who had basically been out all season, returns for the Masters and is more than competitive? I think it's always dangerous to count out Woods. If he can stay healthy, he will be one of the top players on the tour.
That's old fashioned thinking. Smacks of old money segregated country clubs. It also as I'm sure has been said previously a different game due to modern TV technology. I find Brennan's column to be over the top stupid and even a bit of a troll article. So what if Tiger is ultra competitive? He's in the Michael Jordan, Larry Bird mold. Nothing wrong with that.
Interesting verbiage. Not too bad? I've walked both and of course Oakland Hills is world class. I am not as impressed with TPC of Michigan due to the required use of wetlands by Nicklaus during the design. Not a great property. I've heard great things about the recent restoration of Orchard Lake CC. 
I haven't played The Timbers but have always enjoyed the nearby Fortress. Black Forest is great. Designed by Tom Doak and very tough.
This. Short par 4's are about strategy and options. Choose to try to drive the green and take a risk or lay up and have a risky approach. We always cite Riviera 10 but as Erik points out that hole is now hard to par. But that's because of how the club has modified the hole. A good short par 4 IMO should reward either a great drive or a well placed lay up. It should also not be penal, as in having to carry a pond. That's poor architecture and a lazy architect. 
Choose the correct set of tees. It's a slog otherwise. To tell the truth, I don't remember it being that difficult. All the trouble is right in front of you. Lay up on 18 and don't aim for any front pin.
I am not a fan of trees in the fairway. IMO it's lazy architecture. They are too penal for the high handicap golfer and if you land behind the tree or hit it and get a bad bounce the penalty is too severe.   But the worst part is there is zero reason for a tee shot aimed at the middle of a fairway to be penalized. Sand traps are a different story as you have the option of laying up with only the penalty of a longer second shot. You can't lay up short of a tree unless...
I like Stacy Lewis. She's not a sore loser, she's ultra competitive. She never criticizes her opponents, she is hard on herself. I fail to see why having a focused demeanor is a bad thing.
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