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If there was a problem it was because Merion is built on a very small piece of land and that could create logistical issues.
Great thread. I walk with a pull cart as much as possible. Golf is not just about getting to your ball and hitting the shot. I echo all that has been said, light weight bag, not too much stuff in it, pull or push cart if needed (I carried until about 7 years ago), comfortable shoes (I wear True Links) and drink a lot of water. You get to enjoy the course a lot more when you have the time to savor the setting and architecture.
You and I are not going to agree so lets let this go. 
I'm not disputing the fact that she cheated. She clearly did then she compounded it by not taking responsibility. As far as this reflecting on her overall personality, who the hell are you or I to make this sort of snap judgement? It's phenomenally arrogant and judgmental to do so. I rebel against people who make such accusations thinking that one action defines another person. The internet allows for such a thing but my take is that being prudent and open minded is a...
Grumpy is not even close to describing your piss poor attitude. I am not condoning what she did but clearly condemning someone as a scumbag is beyond the pale. I hope you live your life to flawless standards less someone think of you as a piece of garbage. Sometimes the internet is the way people throw out their trash without thinking of how it makes them look.
 First of all I don't claim to be an expert on the swing. I just gave my opinion.  Second, I like that McIlroy can generate so much clubhead speed and stay so well balanced. It's very athletic and pretty to watch. Third, it doesn't take much for a swing to go slightly off with poor results so I agree with you. Fourth, and I didn't analyze Rory's stats from 2013, but the full swing is not the only factor in measuring scoring. Last, it's possible that his adjustment to new...
I think the two best swings on tour are McIlroy and Scott, neither are coached by Foley. Not that Foley's students aren't successful, they are. I think Tiger just thinks its time for a change. It's obvious that the Foley swing is not holding up for him right now. Maybe it's too hard on his back.
For all those wanting Tiger to go back to his old swing, it ain't gonna happen. His knees and back can't take the strain anymore. And he's 13 years older.
I have a EEE foot and for years wore the widest Foot Joy's I could get. By the end of a round (I walk) my toes would be sore. I bought a pair of True Links this year and they are extremely comfortable.
It's in the middle of nowhere but not that far from I-75 the only way to get anywhere in the Northern Lower Peninsula. You could easily play Forest Dunes and for example Black Forest in the same day.
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