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Daly is not the prototype PGA pro but he seems like a good guy who has had serious issues with substance abuse. No need to be so mean about it.
Plenty of people in the know think quite highly of TPC Sawgrass. As far as water goes, when the wind is up, 12, 13 and 15 at Augusta bring water into play. 13 and 15 at ANGC bring just as much belt tightening as 16 at TPC. I'm not supporting The Players as a major but giving my opinion of TPC Sawgrass as a great course. 
Timber Trace is a favorite of mine. I've played Inkster Valley may times and like many of the holes but a few are pretty weird (11) due to wetlands. 
I would argue that what makes golf great is that in reality it has not changed that much over time. Yes, the equipment has changed and modern courses are not by the sea which changes shot flights but the objective has not changed and the way the ball is stuck has not fundamentally changed. There is no way of knowing if Bobby Jones would be as great today as he was in the 1920's (doubtful as there are more high level players) but he was a champion of his time just as Hogan,...
But does it really matter to your lifestyle if you make $10M/year? Is 13% going to change how you live? Phil certainly is worth well over $100M and he's from the San Diego area. It's obviously worth it to him. I'd make the same decision. I find Florida for the most part to be a horrible place to live. It's flat, ugly unless you are on a coast and too humid. Southern California on the other hand is beautiful, has perfect weather and has great culture. Yes it's more...
Can't remember them all but about 150 seems right.
The criteria is how much maintenance, water and pesticides it takes to sustain a course. Courses like Old Works have their merits initially but what does it cost to maintain it? Probably the same as most courses.  The reality is that it costs a lot of resources and money to keep most courses in nice condition. Think about keeping out weeds, maintaining greens, trees, fairways and rough. If you own a course in California right now, your course is probably pretty brown due...
I don't see what that has to do with anything. He wasn't going to win the Masters this year anyway. I stand by my statement that it's foolish to count him out. 
That's a bit strong. Are you talking about the same guy who had basically been out all season, returns for the Masters and is more than competitive? I think it's always dangerous to count out Woods. If he can stay healthy, he will be one of the top players on the tour.
That's old fashioned thinking. Smacks of old money segregated country clubs. It also as I'm sure has been said previously a different game due to modern TV technology. I find Brennan's column to be over the top stupid and even a bit of a troll article. So what if Tiger is ultra competitive? He's in the Michael Jordan, Larry Bird mold. Nothing wrong with that.
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