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Not nice. Creamer has always seemed nice and quite genuine. I'm not sure why you don't like her. 
I wouldn't go that far as the U of M course is one of the best courses in Michigan. Just stay away from the bunkers .
Thank you. This greenskeeping practice makes no sense. if you hit a ball near the hazard it should have a chance to enter that hazard. Second, rough that deep is far too penal for everyday play. I think Dr. MacKenzie would not approve.
I disagree about the costs. I guarantee that Whistling Straits and the surrounding community made huge amounts of money this past week. They could sacrifice some of this and provide better amenities. It's not the first time they've hosted a major and should know how to do this right. I think the larger issue are the venues used for some of the majors this year. Both Whistling Straits and Chamber's Bay are artificial courses built on severe land with lots of waste areas....
Do you have any pictures of this? My impression is that the U of M course is trying to go to fescue in some areas to conserve water but I did not know they were doing this around the bunkers which makes no sense. I did not notice this when I played there last summer.
No doubt it's Jordan Spieth. They are already all over this kid. They play up his All American looks, background and family which appeals to their demographic. He fits the mold perfectly although IMO he's not as choir boyish as they make him. He can have quite the temper when a shot doesn't go as planned.
Is that the best they can do? Maybe I am not the target market but that's not an attractive logo. The Stephan Curry logo is far nicer.
I consider a wood any club shaped like an old time wood. This includes hybrid clubs. I carry a Driver, a 3H and a 4H. No 3 wood these days.
I just see it differently Erik. I do think that it's very well established that the term Grand Slam refers to the calendar year. What Tiger did is one of the most phenomenal feats in golf's history but it's just not as memorable as doing it in a calendar year. You can argue forever about the origin of the term and whether it's an "official" term but in modern golf lexicon, Grand Slam means in order: The Masters, the US Open, the British Open and the PGA. It's just my...
New Posts  All Forums: