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So hard to predict. I'm going to say Phil will win with Bubba and Graeme McDowell as possible winners.
Are you 16 years old? Why do you care about their sexuality and why comment in derogatory terms?
Nice list! Most of these courses are on my list as well. I'd add National Golf Links of America, Seminole and Sand Hills and remove Sunningdale, Portrush and Loch Lomond. Troon might replace Muirfield,
I don't have the means or the connections to play the top private courses but of the top 100 public I've played:   Bethpage Black Forest Dunes Pasatiempo Torrey Pines South Bay Harbor Black Lake Boyne Highlands Heather, and Elk Ridge.   I must say that these lists are bizarre. Pinehurst #2 at 47 in the US of all courses? Insane. It's probably top 15 according to those in the know. And it's been years since I've played Elk Ridge but there are at least a dozen...
Thanks. What makes OH South great is the way Donald Ross routed the holes to make best use of the land. Look at the par 3 9th and 17th. Two great long par 3's with nasty greens naturally set into a hill. 11 is one of the great shorter par 4's in the country. 15 with the central bunkers is a great risk reward hole and 18, with it's narrow green is another risk reward hole, this time a par 5. Also, the greens make the course. It's not a beautiful setting but few courses are...
What about Oakland Hills was disappointing? I've walked it a number of times and it looks like a fantastic course. Are you referring to the South course?
It would be nice to see if you could actually provide data to back up what you post.
I'm sure this has been done but it's a good topic. The Plantation Course must be a blast to play. My favorite course is Pasatiempo in Santa Cruz, CA. Alistair Mackenzie design and a great routing.
What are you talking about? I haven't read the entire thread to see if this has been a discussion point. Also, Norman does himself no favors with his inane comments and massive ego.
 I think this is a poorly designed hole. Can't tell from the pictures but is there a reason the fairway ends 250 yards from the tee? I suppose the architect wanted to tempt the better player to carry to the next fairway but it causes the average golfer to have to lay up. I would think that for me with the elevation and drop shot effect, a 3 hybrid that I normally hit 185 would be the best choice off the tee. The issue is the long second shot. I hope missed approaches...
New Posts  All Forums: