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It all depends on the player's handicap. A 200 yard par 3 is not a big deal for a low handicap player, even a women. Stacy Lewis on Saturday hit a tee shot on a short par 4 today to within about 10 foot with a driver. That's a lot of talent. Not sure of my point but it's true that these women are outstanding golfers.
Interesting scenario.First, I doubt that the greens on this course are as fast as those played by the LPGA tour. Few public or resort courses do. Second, for a 7600 yard course, a 134 slope is not high at all. The 6400 yard course I play has a 131 slope. But if your buddy could handle the pressure of playing against a world class pro and dealing with galleries, I think he'd be competitive.  By the way I looked at Wine Valley's website. That is a lovely course. I love the...
I believe the reason the greens were softer for the women is that they almost lost them during the Men's US Open. They were too hard and with the domed greens, the landing areas were tiny. Can you imagine what that would have done to the women who spin the ball much less? So yes they changed them for the women but they were too hard for the men.
There are a lot of very good public tracks in the Bay Area. Other than those mentioned, one of the best, maybe 45 minutes south of San Leandro is San Juan Oaks. Very nice, tough track designed by Fred Couples and another architect whose name eludes me. Another fine course in Livermore is Poppy Ridge. I believe there are 27 holes out there. Try Metropolitan Gold Links in Oakland. There's a good looking Nicklaus course off of 101 called Cinnabar Hills.   But as mentioned...
He did not look obese. Maybe by definition he was but to me Dufner looked like a guy who had a gut and was maybe 20 pounds overweight. When I think obese, I think John Daly a few years ago when he was swilling Colas.
Agree. at least about the 20 pounds. That looks more like a 30-40 pound weight loss.
OMG. Insane. If I swung that hard I'd fall down. Amazing.
The only way he would retire now is if his back problems are chronic. He's far too driven to quit otherwise.
IIRC this is the third tree issue on the 18th at PB. The original tree by the green died a few years ago then it's replacement died. Now this. 
Breaking news? That speculation started last week, With no facts either way.
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