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I just see it differently Erik. I do think that it's very well established that the term Grand Slam refers to the calendar year. What Tiger did is one of the most phenomenal feats in golf's history but it's just not as memorable as doing it in a calendar year. You can argue forever about the origin of the term and whether it's an "official" term but in modern golf lexicon, Grand Slam means in order: The Masters, the US Open, the British Open and the PGA. It's just my...
While I don't have a strong feeling one way or the other, there is more than a semantic difference. This may have been said in a previous post (I have not read all 21 pages) but there is added pressure in winning all 4 in one calendar year. It doesn't change the accomplishment which is earth shakingly amazing, but IMO it's not quite the same. 
The accounts of this I've read which quote many with first hand knowledge are not complimentary to Allenby. The fact that this is the 4th time one of his caddies has walked off the course in the middle of a round makes the golfer look quite bad.
There are rules about oscillating balls but it appears that you can putt a ball that is oscillating but you have to be careful not to cause it to move yourself. When the wind is blowing that hard the players don't want to take chances.
You have no understanding of the rules of the game do you?
The point is that chemistry is far overblown between a caddie and player. The caddie does not hit the ball or coach the swing. Golf is all about the golfer and not the caddie. Tiger's swing is the issue, not his chemistry with LaCava. And none of Tiger's caddies, not Stevie, not Fluff needed to massage his ego.
But the competition now is tougher precisely because of Tiger Woods. He took the game to a new level of talent and fitness. Today's player has benefited from having to compete at a much higher level. That said, if Tiger were now 21, he would still dominate the game but as you say, not quite to the level he did from 1997-2008.
Wow. Bubba may not be the brightest bulb but you are so far over the top in this post that if I modded this forum I'd ban you.
There's a limited market for GCA's. Construction of new courses is very slow, and the market is saturated. If you really want to be in the business, get a degree in landscape architecture and get a job as an apprentice with an established architect.
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