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The debate will not cease but Rory will be the GOAT. That said, it's not going to happen.
No argument from me Erik. Correct placement of the approach is what Augusta is all about. Rory should have as good a chance as anyone to win their and I'm pretty sure he will but for some reason he has not been as competitive as he should be on that course so far. As far as him winning their before Tiger wins another major, I still go with Tiger. Augusta allows many to be in contention.
If Rory started winning majors like Tiger and passed him, he would be the icon. Frankly it's stupid to say otherwise.
His results so far don't support this. As I said earlier, Augusta National suits a lot of golfer's styles. They are all long these days and the fairways are wide. Players with solid approach shots, great short games and putting will contend. Rory in his major wins played great golf but he does not always play that well. And there are a lot of great young players out there including Bubba who has only one less major than McIlroy. He will most certainly win another green...
I voted for Tiger as I think it's very short sighted to ever count him out. Rory's record so far at Augusta National is not impressive, with this year's 8th being by far his highest finish. There is no doubt that when he's on, like this week he's the best player in the world and that could happen at Augusta but there are more players that can contend at the Masters than the other majors due to the non-penal design of the course. Tiger, Phil, Bubba and others always have a...
Kind of a bizarre premise to begin with as the game was invented in Scotland and evolved based on the natural lay of the land. If not for The Old Course and others in that part of the world, golf does not exist today.
I don't get this. I get not liking the hype from when she was 16 but that's on the media not her. She seems like a nice person, humble and polite. Really, what's not to like?
What a great win for Michelle Wie! I was very impressed with her composure. She was very analytical and measured in her decision making (despite the errors on 16). She has great control of her approach shots. Tough course, challenge from Stacy Lewis, double bogey on 16, none of this got to her. Hope she keeps it up.
The women said that divots were not an issue. In watching the coverage yesterday some were really struggling after missing the greens with their approaches. One commentator said they can't apply enough spin to their chips to hold the firm greens. I saw Cristy Kerr try to pitch a ball onto the green, land a few feet short and have the ball run back down to her feet.
Isn't this always the case? Pinehurst #2 is all about the greens and approach shots. It's easy to miss a wedge or longer iron by just a few feet causing the ball to roll off the domed greens. If all the pros could hit perfect approaches all the time the game would be boring. The course did exactly what it was supposed to do. It rewarded the man who hit the most fairways and greens and who did the best job when he missed those greens.
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