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Big flipper too - purchased the Tour Striker but didn't see the kind of results I expected.   I feel like I'm making progress - been working on it for a few months now and hoping to break the habit soon. The tips in this thread look pretty solid and I'm starting to think along the same lines of posting the left side. From what I noticed in my swing, my leading leg bends towards the target instead of "posting up" and allowing my body to rotate over it. The least I...
My goals for 2011: 1) Lower my handicap to single digits 2) Keep my cool throughout every single round 3) Become a good putter! 4) Be able to use my driver consistently 5) Work on more forward press and lag in my swing
Hey guys, I did a quick search through the forums and didn't find anything about this product, but I just wanted to know if anybody has used this or owns one? From the youtube videos and description on their website, it seems like a great product. I really like the fact that it's portable and doesn't require any installation. I'd like to continue practicing in the winter and this seems like a good purchase. Any thoughts?
I went through the same exact decision. I really liked the design of both putters, but I really felt the Odyssey more when I was putting in the store. I also LOVE the black finish. I ended up picking up the odyssey for $150 off eBay and couldn't be happier :)
Oh good point! I'm thinking next spring around April or May so that most places should be playable.
My friend and I want to plan a golf vacation! I'm super excited, but I don't know where to go. I've heard SC, Scottsdale, and Cali (PB area) are all good spots, but just wanted to get some more recommendations. We'll probably go for 3-4 days and play everyday. Thanks
I never really thought about it before, but this is crazy to actually read: http://www.pga.com/grandslam/2010/ne...ns_players.cfm Check out the notes about when they first broke par...
I'd be a SW for me under most circumstances. I typically hit to 100 yards off the tee on shorter par 4s since I feel very comfortable hitting a full SW into greens.
Thanks!I'm glad it looks at least somewhat better than my original swings. I'll work on spreading my feet farther apart even though I'm sure it will feel very strange at first. Good tip. I've been working on this general idea of attacking the ball. For some reason, I'm awful with my driver and I never use it. I typically hit 3 wood off the tee which carries 220 or so. The shot above went around 210 or something. I don't honestly remember. I'm definitely not a long...
New video! I had my brother shoot me playing the par5 18th hole today. Still flipping, but just wanted to some more opinions about my swing in general (and chip shot and putting!) Shot 1: 3 wood (slight draw into left rough) Shot 2: 3 hybrid (slight fade into right rough) Shot 3: 8 iron (slight draw to right of green) Shot 4: LW (landed softer than expected and left myself pretty short for par) Shot 5: Putt (putted to less than a foot for tap-in bogey)
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