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Agree. He shouldn't have been given the death penalty for a parking violation.
I am very pleased that Adam Scott won. I am equally pleased that "Cheatah" Woods didn't.
Years ago Payne Stewart signed a big deal with Top FliteĀ and had to use cast irons instead of forged onesĀ and his game took a nosedive. Sometimes equipment does matter. Perhaps you're right about Rory, but so far it's looking like a bad decision. Returning to form and winning will stop all of the speculation.
If the toothache story turns out to be BS, then Nick Faldo is starting to look pretty smart when he said Rory was making a mistake changing equipment.
I hope they just come out with a rule that says you can't anchor the end of a golf club to your torso. That would take care of it.
For the ninth year since their birth, I've once again had to watch the Houston Texans find new and exciting ways to lose. They've really outdone themselves this season. The worst part is that the owner (Bob Mcnair) publicly said last week that he thinks the team is headed in the right direction. Unbelievable. Gary Kubiak is a nice man, but he's had five years to get this team to the playoffs and hasn't gotten it done. I know it's just a pipe dream, but I wish Mr. Mcnair...
Ping, all the way from driver to putter, bag, towel and hat. If they still made balls, I'd probably use them too.
It's going to depend opon your wrist-to-floor measurement. Here's the fitting chart:http://www.eagleusagolf.com/proshop/..._custom_e.html
That's correct. The set I just ordered are silver dot ( 3 1/2 degree upright from standard ) and 1" longer than standard because I'm 6'4".
Actually, Ping started making their clubheads in China a couple of years ago. I just spent two days getting custom fitted for a combination K 15 hybrid/iron set and that's what the pro told me. I had a set of Zing 2 irons and I've always regretted selling them. It's really great how Ping gives the same attention to lefties as they do to righties.
New Posts  All Forums: