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So the 3 bogey's came from the ball?... or maybe you just missed some putts?...
All of this winning tournaments must be cause of those crappie Nike clubs he uses...   I love when Rory was down and not winning everyone blamed the clubs... so now that he's winning is it cause of his clubs?
Here's a good bit of info on some balls... I was talking with a Rep from a golf ball company....   They took the robot machine that swings perfect everytime.. with all the balls across the market...the high end ball.. they found a 10% difference in spin between all the balls across.. this test was from 100 yrds in....   the swing from the player is what determines the spin.
The B 330S ball is a spin ball...LOL
I love my Ping i25 irons and hybrids... I would love to swing that G30.. it just looks sweet.
The company Headquarters are in MAss.. but the balls are made overseas... Titliest balls are also painted.. and have a seem... Bridestone balls are seemless and are not painted...  Look i like the bridgestone balls... the feel and distance i get.
I hope you fix your choices.... DJ is out..LOL
I was B-Fit for Bridgestone Tour B330 golf balls   Rickie Flower -9   Rory Mcllroy -7   Adam Scott -6
Bridgestone balls made in the USA.. titleist made.. some where else.... every box of PROv1 you buy $4 per box goes to Bridgestone cause of the lawsuit.. titleist copied there dimple patterns...
I want to win a Callaway Big Bertha Driver Phil Mickelson -4 Angel Cabera -2 Martin Kaymer -1
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