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I want to win a Callaway Big Bertha Driver Phil Mickelson -4 Angel Cabera -2 Martin Kaymer -1
wow i'm in such a baseball mode right now...   how can i edit my post?
I want to win a Callaway Big Bertha Driver   Phil Mickelson -4 Miguel Cabera -2 Martin Kaymer -1
It was always called Bayonet and Blackhorse.. and it was a beautiful course, before and even better after the remodel.
I've played many courses.. the best and usually voted is the USAFA Course.   Courses I've played..   Ft.Bragg Ft.Carson USAFA Ft. Lewis Mchord AFB Keesler AFB Whiteman AFB NPS naval course Bayonet and Blackhorse Nellis AFB McDill AFB White Sands  Maxwell AFB Hickman AFB     I thin that might be it. These are in no particular order.
good ole bayonet and blackhorese.. see my wife is military and we got to play that course for 35$.. everyone else had to pay 125..LOL    those two courses were some of the most beautiful and toughest courses i have played to date.. but well worth the penny.. BTW i played the old courses and the new ones.
I lived 5 miles from PB.. the weather can be crazy.. but you'll never really have to worry.. its always 50-75 all year long.   Places to eat.. most anywhere on Cannery row.   take a caddie riding is quicker, but you didnt go there cause you only have 4 hours to play and you need to get somewhere else. enjoy the walk, and the views are everything you see on TV and more.
your wrong, if you dont eat, your body will store and wait for you to eat later... if you are eating 5-6 times a day, your body will use that food right away cause it knows your going to eat soon.
this is soooo not good for your body.. think about it like a car... you gonna drive 15 hours and not fill up the tank.. you need to feed your body... eating anywhere between  ( for an active person ) 2500-3000 cal a day.. but eat the right types of food...
Is it me or are the parents pushing there kids a little too much.. I mean there 7 and " they train 365".. come on.. when do they get to be kids?... my boys.. 10 and 6 love to play, but i don't push them, when the time is right if they want to pursue golf, I'll help every way shape and form.
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