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 I'd love to be there when you call a penalty on a guy as well. (This thread is absurd.)
Stetson makes hats. Stenson wins golf tournaments.
It is the best investment you could make. (Along with a series of Lessons). How far you think you hit it and actually how far you hit it are different and without a method of calculation (Laser Rangefinder) you will be in the dark. You might look into one that has a calculation of slope (not legal for tournament use though) as you will see that not every 150 or 100 yard shot is the same. You would actually be surprised at how many yards they differ depending on the...
Try rockbottom golf- sometimes they have a 3 pack of gloves for 10 - 12 bucks, and if you spend 75 or more its free shipping.
I would aim for the bunker on the left and play a fade with my 3W. The wind might stop the shot short leaving a simple chip, but if it didn't, the shot shape would allow for the ball to land softly on the green. This would take the steep drop off to the left out of play, but might introduce the bunker on the right as a possible landing area. It being a par 5 2nd shot, the right front bunker would still be a nice place to be pitching from for eagle. The green being...
We live at Salt Fork, so I mainly play here. I've heard great things about longaberger, ill try and get a tee time within the next month.
Glad you are here on TST. We pretty much exchanged places. Im from Midland/Odessa TX and am now living in Cambridge OH. Hope your game continues to grow.
Effington:   You are a golfer. The ups and downs of golf occur to every single golfer. In your quest to know YOUR SWING you will not only find (Hopefully) what works. You will also find what terribly does not work.   Your game will oscillate between the fantastic and the not fantastic. This is natural. What you learn about yourself during that period is what makes the journey exciting. You will have periods of time in which you can hit anything, there are no...
Those irons are my favorite irons. The fact that they are cavity, muscle, and blades gives you the best of all worlds in your irons. I gamed these for four years then made my own blended set of mizunos. The heads will last forever, just make sure to regrip or reshaft when necessary. Also make sure to adjust the loft and lie atleast once a year, as forged clubs can bend slightly over time.
Here is something interesting that might add to the discussion-    The New York Courts of Appeals, the highest court in New York State and the equivalent of other states’ Supreme Court, has ruled that a golfer need not yell “Fore” on a mis-hit shot. According to the Court of Appeals, those participating in sporting and recreational events assume the risks associated with the activity. In the case of golf, that includes getting hit with an errant shot.   The case...
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