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Sometimes livingsocial and groupon would have %50 discount on non-muni courses, but you need to check the fine print, some would not allow weekends/holidays others have no exclusion just need to book the tee time in advance.
Kia Ma Monte Carlo
I would join you but I am out of town on the 18th. Maybe we can do it tomorrow?
I tried searching on google but I could not find any info on this putter. Is this a Katsuhiro Miura putter or a different Katsuhiro?
I normally choke down about an inch on my driver, the superfast has a superlong shaft. I wonder if choking it down about 2 1/2 would be really bad. I am sold, definitely buying a new one and R9 460 is in my list.
I guess the consensus is to get a new driver. Thanks!
I can hit my driver 230-240 yards. Would I see a difference in distance with the new drivers? I tried the r9 460 and the burner at golfsmith but I cannot see how the trajectory looks like and how far it goes.
31, just started last month after an 8 year hiatus.
I might be playing this weekend alone in Vallejo, and I feel the same way. But I guess the urge to play is stronger by an inch than being embarrassed.
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