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First I really appreciate both of your guys suggestions. I am sorry if I appear selfish I just didn't think i had much valuable input to bring to the table because my game/ swing is so terrible. 
Thanks to you as well pholmes. I would love to be able to swing more compact just not sure when to stop the club or my shoulders.  By strong do you mean with my grip? That is also something I have been working on. I went from the ten finger baseball grip to i guess an interlock.   I think i also need to work on my left wrist as it is not flat at the top. I think that effects my clubface. Also I thnk I cast and come over the top a little bit but i just dont know how...
Just came back from the range pretty discouraged.. I know it is going to take some work.  do you think anything in my takeaway has anything to to do with it? like taking it to far inside? outside? I have such a hard time hitting a draw often only do it by luck.
Thank you for the feedback norrisedgar. Any tips on how to actually achieve this without standing in front of a mirror? Or a feel that I should have? I plan on going to the range today on my lunch break and try and practice this and excited to start working on it.   I have a hard time with aiming as well. I really never trust my alignment so i end up trying to steer the ball halfway through my swing which causes some bad results.   Thank you again for taking the...
Hi All,    Any swing advice for me here?  Ex baseball player trying desperately to convert to a golfer. I struggle with consistency and staying balanced. I tend to stay back on my back foot especially with the longer clubs in my bag. Also my back foot has a tendency to slip out from under me.   The thing I hear the most often is that I have a pretty smooth takeaway but get way too quick on my downswing;  and that I swing too hard. .  My problem is that when i...
I shot 110 on the Coyote Creek Valley course.. Fell apart on the back 9 and the wind just messed me up the entire day
I am an FA technician
I do have to agree I wasnt around for Jack's time but even if I was I think I would still say Tiger.
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