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YES!!  I do it all!
Our pro staff uses 80% of a players handicap in tournaments.  The USGA says it should be 100%.  Our pros feel it levels the playing field by reducing the "sandbag" effect of inflated handicaps.  I can't see how this works to harm the sandbaggers over those of us playing honestly.  Discuss!
Interesting question. If you mean before a run as a warm up, I tend to hit about three or four balls with each of the following clubs ... wedge, 8 and 6 irons, 3 and 4 hybrids, 3 wood and driver. if I have time, I hit a few bunker shots as well. My goal is simply to warm up my muscles, not to perfect my swing. If I am going out to work on a specific part of my game, I may hit forty or fifty (or more) shots with specific clubs. I do stretch a bit each day and it...
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