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At least it's got the old grooves.  That's bonus for your buddy.
If there's a swing out there I could have as my own, it would be Louis Oustheizen ... however the hell you spell it. With that swing and that putting stroke, I never understood how he doesn't win more.
My PW is 45* so I went with 50*/54*/58* for my wedges.  But has posted above, going with 52 and 58 (or 60) would close the gap as well.
Elk has some hilarious tweets and is a good follow (as long as you don't mind the language).
PM sent
Yes please...  
I don't know anything about the place you were fitted at, but the fact they have Track Man would suggest they're qualified overall.  When I was fitted last spring, I went in with zero preference for which irons I'd get.  The guy tried a LOT of head and shaft combinations.  Going into the fitting, I assumed he'd recommend Ping G20's or something along those lines due to maximum forgiveness.  Ultimately, I was most consistent with the AP1's (with Dynamic Golf S300 shafts),...
Golf Galaxy or www.lostgolfballs.com
Anywhere around the green and inside of 80 yards, I nearly always use my 54* ... probably 75%-80% of the time. If I'm short-sided and need to hit a flop, I'll grab my 58*. Or if it's an occassional long bump and run, I'll use my 50*.
I expect this could vary from player to player, but since putting a gap wedge in the bag (50*), I use it more than my most lofted wedge (58*).  I trust the gap wedge will do you some good -- not only 100 yard range but also around the greens.
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