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I really like the multi-compounds with cords because I prefer not to wear a glove.  And in hot humid Houston summers, they may a big difference compared to some others. I like how those feel -- a LOT.  Used to have them on my driver/3 wood/hybrid.  But I found them to wear much quicker than multi-compounds.  My grip pressure might be a little firm, but it's not like I'm squeezing the shite out of the club or anything.
 Exactly why we should hit 'em before buying.  Like you said, I'd be about 99% sure the shaft was the difference.  Guess I'm lucky the SLDR S's Fukijura "fits" me.
I've messed with some others but always liked the Golf Pride multi-compounds the most overall.  I had this version on my irons and driver for probably two years before they started looking dirty (probably 75-80 rounds), but they were definitely in need of replacement.         Recently put these on.  A little color without being gaudy.  
 @vangator To opine on one of the suggested options, I picked up an SLDR S a few months back, which replaced my Ping G20.  I picked up some distance (probably 10-15 yards on average).  I don't hit it very far and normally don't get too crooked. I knew the SLDR was designed to launch higher with less spin.  Less spin also means less side spin.   I've noticed a little less hook or cut on bad swings.  Better distance + more fairways = happy camper. Obviously, would go hit a...
I order 2 dozen at a time from lostgolfballs.com. Even with the shipping, I pay $58-$60 for top quality vs $95 for two dozen new. So way to really show em buying new locally.
BuckeyeNut: Two things... 1. I put an SLDR in the bag recently (gray and heavy like you) and am pleased. Like the feel, sound, flight, etc. 2. Need more pics of the chic in your profile. :)
I can't stand the combos that Matt Kuchar rolls out. To me, he was equally bad as Jim Furyk but those brutal 5 Hour Energy hats give the "edge" to Jimmy Furyk.
See signature...   Occasionally replace hybrid with a 3-iron.
Regarding logos on the balls, some of the favorites among corporate buyers (ProV, NXT, and some lower end balls) have a higher percentage with logos.  I play Bridgestone B330-RX, which I guess aren't as popular for logos.  In the last five dozen or so, I only had two with logos.
Used them for years. Yet to be disappointed.
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