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I order 2 dozen at a time from lostgolfballs.com. Even with the shipping, I pay $58-$60 for top quality vs $95 for two dozen new. So way to really show em buying new locally.
BuckeyeNut: Two things... 1. I put an SLDR in the bag recently (gray and heavy like you) and am pleased. Like the feel, sound, flight, etc. 2. Need more pics of the chic in your profile. :)
I can't stand the combos that Matt Kuchar rolls out. To me, he was equally bad as Jim Furyk but those brutal 5 Hour Energy hats give the "edge" to Jimmy Furyk.
See signature...   Occasionally replace hybrid with a 3-iron.
Regarding logos on the balls, some of the favorites among corporate buyers (ProV, NXT, and some lower end balls) have a higher percentage with logos.  I play Bridgestone B330-RX, which I guess aren't as popular for logos.  In the last five dozen or so, I only had two with logos.
Used them for years. Yet to be disappointed.
 Blade the tap in or pick it up.  We don't mess around.  Like to play in under three hours.  The exception are the money games where there are no gimmies unless the ball is literally sitting on the lip.
 I like that concept.  Think I will try it. Similarly in terms of incentive, if I see I've got a straight forward pitch from just off the green I don't even take my putter.  If I can't hit a simple pitch inside the leather, I have to putt with a bladed wedge as my punishment.  Usually works out fine.
Prove it. :)Guess I've been fortunate maybe but never had an issue where I thought a ball played different than the others.
 A friend of mine recently purchased I believe the exact same thing.  I putted with it a couple times and loved how solid it felt.
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