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Of course not! I am here to learn.. Part of the learning process is constructive criticism. I very well could be completely wrong. I need to do a bit more research at the range to accurately gauge my distance. I must say though, with the Hagen driver, it honestly felt like I was whacking a hard rock, as opposed to the other driving range and that club!
Like I said, there are yard markers. the farthest one was 250 yards. I was driving the ball past that 250 marker with ease. I did not join these forums to attempt to "brag" or whatever, it was simply an observation of a difference between the club I used a few days ago, compared to the new set I bought yesterday. I am completely new to this and I am trying to learn a bit here and there from people who are more educated on the sport of Golf. I have no reason to lie about...
then the markings at the range were incorrect? because I was driving the ball west past the 250 yardmarker, just shy of the tree line. I will take a few pictures and post them.
Hello all! I just bought my first set of clubs. The Walter Hagen T3 set from Dick's, which is being discussed here. I am an amateur golfer at best. My experience is a few trips to the driving range, and some putt putt haha. So I am looking forward to learning what ever I can from you guys and understanding how everything works! My first input is that I noticed a drastic change in my driving distance. The other day I used a crappy house driver at the local driving range, I...
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