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When I was a beginner, one of my top 10 golf digest ranked instructor told me to get a random Scotty Cameron blade putter to start the game. He said Scotty makes best putters in the world. The sweet spot is exactly right in the middle and he showed me some other putters' sweet spot arent exactly you think it is. They are a little off. Therefore, I listened to him and I got the Newport 2.5 and I used it for about 5 years. Now I'm using the California Coronado. It has a very...
Thank you for your replies. I'm asking for my friend cuz he just started playing this game. Would it be easier for him to get a putter somewhere between blade/mallet just to get a feel of the game? It would be easier to allow him to decide a blade or a mallet putter later on the game right? For me personally, I use SC SS 2.5 with an arc stroke.
If you are going to buy it, which one would you choose and why? :)
R9 drivers gave me TOO MUCH distance!!!!(270 yd+) I had to slow down my down swing and it negatively affected my tempo. I recently switched to D2 and it's the best decision I have ever made.
19" Hybrid is easier for me to hit. Therefore, I would choose hybrid over 5 wood. However, the choice is all yours.
I look at 2 things: Feel and Look. Look is a simple. The major problem is feel and you gotta figure that out yourself.
Welcome to the Scotty family my friend!!
I use the Stan Utley grip. It is just awesome.
I can live without a lob wedge. However, I definitely cannot live without a sand wedge. :)
I bought a hat haha
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