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I love my optishot, and have no problems with any of my 3 drivers or any other clubs for that matter.  Sure its not a full blown launch monitor, but its far from a "video game" also.  Just having the ability to make swing after swing after swing and seeing the ball flight has help my game tremendously.  When I fist got it and tried some swings my slice was still there, but it showed me that what I was trying to do to fix it was actually making it worse, by showing my...
Yeah no kidding. I have done a lot of research on the optishot, and I will read in some places that its ok but its not P3pro. But then I will hear people actually talk about the product and all they do is rave about it and say how accurate it is, and that they can shape shots and the distances are pretty close. All I am looking for is something that I can plug into the HTPC and either practice like I am at the range or play a round while everybody is asleep, so IMO this...
Cool, my wife is getting me one for Christmas. I can't wait.
Any updates on the optishot? I want one bad but don't need another gadget just sitting there collecting dust.
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