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"Golf in the Kingdom" is a GREAT read. Others are "Golf Dreams" by the wonderful, John Updike. "Hogan" by Simpson. "Beyond The Fairway" by Jeff Wallach. I also think that everyone who picks up a club and steps up to a tee box should be required to first read "Golf Etiquette" by Barbara Puett and Jim Apfelbaum. "Paper Tiger" was also an interesting take on Q-School.
You may be right, delav. I guess I'll have to check it out for myself. I have to admit though. I do like the cosmetics of the 910. Looks badass in black.
I was wondering about that. I have a 909D2 that I love and hit pretty well. I don't think I need to spend $400 on another driver just because it's adjustable.
The e6 is a great ball, but my fave "inexpensive" ball is the e5. Urethane cover for $25ish a dozen.
I HIGHLY recommend http://www.harmonygolfpreserve.com/index.php It's an exquisite, Johnny Miller designed golf test. You won't be sorry you tried it.
My goal is to try and not lose as many balls. Damn things get expensive after awhile. There's nothing more demoralizing than seeing a fresh-out-of-the-box Pro-V1x go "splish."
I have a Scotty Newport 2 Studio and it's a beautiful piece of equipment. However, when all is said and done, it's still just a slab of metal and the end of a rod, and you still have to make the putt yourself.
My best shot of the week was a hole-out for birdie from about 115 on a par 4.
I'm a Materials Planner for Goodman networks in Plano, TX.
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