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The X-factor is not what creates torque and power in a golf swing.
On new courses hit the shot that you know you can hit, generally meaning playing safer golf by avoiding the big mistakes. I personally tend to overall play very well on new courses except i tend to make a lot of big numbers and ruins my score. Another thing I like to do on new courses is not spend much time practicing putting or short game as I have had way too many experiences where the greens on the course are completely different from the practice green and it...
10 as everyone should be a happy camper golfing.
    I actually agree with you i did not take into consideration that he may be gripping it too tightly,which may be the case as he stated before that he does have big hands.
    True but one of the more successful ways to fix a slice is to get them to hook the ball then bring them back to straight. 
Take 3 practice swings while looking at the hole your eyes will tell you how hard to swing then set up to the ball and putt.    I Learned this from a PGA Master Professional. 
Best piece of advice I have ever received is to take and bucket of balls and slice every single one of them. In your case it would be the opposite take a bucket of balls and hook every single one of them. 
Since you are a beginner I would strongly suggest that you do not use a 60* wedge as it pretty hard to hit properly. If I were you I would get the 52 56 and bend the 52 into a 51. I have many friends who are single digit handicaps and do not use more than a 56 and do not feel the need for more loft as they can hit all the shots they need to with the 56.
I consider myself to be a long hitter driving distance of about 280 and I dont always play the back tees at golf courses especially new ones. When a golf course is 7,000 yards it is more than likely going to challenge the golfer on more than how far you can hit the ball. I do not see why people feel the need to always play the back tees because at the end of the day is "what did you shoot?" not what tees did you play?" When someone asks what did you shoot many peoples...
From what I can see in the video your clubface appears to be dead shut at the top and then you come over the top and actually squaring the clubface, however the clubface is open in relation to your swing plane resulting in the pull slice I'm assuming you hit.
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