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Every hat I own has a hat clip.  This way I never forget a marker and always know where it is.
Yeah I was able to, but there is still some confusion. I was told the group was booked again but had them check with a manager and they figured it out.
I just spoke with them and was told the group was booked as well.
I'm not necessarily following every report, but I am keeping tabs on whats coming out.     My opinion, he should come back to Cleveland.  Irving and Wiggins are obviously young, but can probably contribute on a more consistent basis than his support in Miami.  If Gilbert can find a way to get Kevin Love, that team would be scary good.  Add in the very rare opportunity to bring a championship to his home town... Lebron's image is important to him and coming back to...
The last month or so has been slow progress.  I've been trying to shorten the backswing, as suggested by Matt earlier,  and improve weight forward.  Not a drastic change, but headed in the right direction.        
I'm in for Aug 16/17.   @saevel25 Count me for carpool, if there's room.
Brady Quinn and Brandon Weedon were also drafted in the 22 spot.  Let's hope 3rd times the charm...
Good stuff!
The Browns have 4 QB's on the roster, and Hoyer was playing well before being injured.  As a Browns fan myself, I would like to see them give Hoyer another shot and draft a weapon like Sammy Watkins or better protection in Taylor Lewan
All 3 look fairly natural.
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