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Unfortunate that Miller v. Sadlowski is a quarterfinal match
If the serial number matches the specs of the club, I would have confidence the club is genuine.  Whether or not it's safe to buy is your judgement.  The pink G20's were a limited edition club, which doesn't necessarily make them valuable, but if the price is dirt cheap I might dig for more info.
There appears to be a serial number below the loft.  You can contact Ping with that number and they should be able to authenticate the club.
If the content has enough difference from TGC, without straying to far off course or gimmicky, then I think there is room for another golf network...variety is good.  Being only DirecTV for now, I'll have to wait and see reviews since I have Time Warner.
  URL: www.gamegolf.com/player/vasaribm Username: vasaribm Real name: Bryan Vasaris
I've played both The Fort and Purgatory, and would recommend The Fort over Purgatory.
 I will use it for quite sometime because of its ease of use.  There is almost zero setup besides putting the tags on your clubs and register for an account.  The rest is turn it on and play.  From there you have collected the data and can dissect or delete to your hearts desire.
 I had the same thought... emptied the bag, flipped upside down, nothing to be found.  The 3rd tag I found 1 or 2 feet in front of me, which leads me to believe they came off during the shot.  I have imported & edited, but haven't signed it yet.  I turned my card into the league and waiting for them to post on their site.  I want to double check what I remembered vs what I turned in, since I had to add a few shots due to lost tags.
 Unfortunately, I lost 2 tags in my first round this weekend.  Nearly lost a third, but after losing 2, I started to check after each shot and was able to find it before walking away.  I'm not really sure what causes the tags to fall out.  The threads are pretty coarse and feel secure when installing. Other than losing the tags, the system is super easy to use.  The only time I seemed to forget to tag was when putting.  Even though this was my first use, tagging fit fairly...
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