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I usually over analyze so I don't think I could play without some type of thought.  My thoughts tend to change with the shot, as well, so I try to keep them to one word thoughts.   Driver = SLOW.  I'm fighting a quick transition from backswing to downswing, hence the "slow" thought.  I also try to mimic a Matsuyama type pause during practice swings, which slows things down a bit as well. Pitching = ACCELERATE.  I usually hit better shots and duff it less when I keep the...
Tacos,  I prefer a burrito anyway.
 Let's be real... the prize is a car, you are pin seeking whether you hit first or last.  There is no way you are playing to the safe side of a green so your teammates can have a shot at winning a car while you watch.
 I would generally agree, except, a hole-in-one is not achieved through team effort.  Unless your entire group hit their shots simultaneously.     
The person who hit the shot, wins the prize, in my opinion.  The others in the group win a memorable story to tell at a future outings.
 TRUE offers a one time free exchange, so you can order a 9.5 and see how they feel.  Your size should be within plus/minus a half size of the TRUE's.
Sweet idea, but 20 min flight time vs. 2 hour charge seems a bit underwhelming.  I guess there is quite a bit going on between flight, tracking, and video along with an emphasis on weight...
3 - Tour, sensei, and loafer
I'm in.   http://www.gamegolf.com/player/vasaribm
On the actual green is the only way I have ever counted.
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