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 TRUE offers a one time free exchange, so you can order a 9.5 and see how they feel.  Your size should be within plus/minus a half size of the TRUE's.
Sweet idea, but 20 min flight time vs. 2 hour charge seems a bit underwhelming.  I guess there is quite a bit going on between flight, tracking, and video along with an emphasis on weight...
3 - Tour, sensei, and loafer
I'm in.   http://www.gamegolf.com/player/vasaribm
On the actual green is the only way I have ever counted.
How much of the course is turf?  If the entire course, 150-200 acres of turf will be ALOT of money and would outweigh any water usage cost/penalties.  I think a good experiment would be to covert a few fairways or even less, a 50-60 yard common "landing area" in each fairway.
Regional outings are a blast.  I can only imagine what these 3 days will be like.   GO EAST!
I'll work on dropping 10 strokes and will check back to see if there is a spot available...
ESPN article claims Scobee is a +3.  Scobee might be able to take a couple holes.   http://espn.go.com/nfl/story/_/id/12319905/jacksonville-jaguars-kicker-josh-scobee-jokingly-challenges-tiger-woods-skins-match-100000-per-hole
I misunderstood the nature of the recycling.My initial thought from the above statement was the "user" referred to guys like you or me.  So, yes, I was envisioning 2 urethane layers and you would have the option to remove the first layer at your disposal.
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