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I've reserved a room under the group.  If anyone would like to share let me know.
Very cool. I grabbed an early bird pledge.
I want Turbulators to help me drive it long with the PING G30 Driver!   I predict that the BLUE (East Coast) TEAM will win the 2015 Newport Cup by a score of 28.5 to 25.5. The MVP will be @DaveP043 with 10 points won.
Confirmed @iacas (Fri/Sat) @Rob Thompson (Fri/Sat) @saevel25 @Jeremie Boop (Fri/Sat)* @Hardspoon @Slice of Life @mcanadiens @vasaribm (Fri/Sat) @Braivo   Tentative @georgep  @BradSomrak @rwolfe
I'm in for both days.   @iacas @Rob Thompson @saevel25 @Jeremie Boop @Hardspoon @Slice of Life @mcanadiens @vasaribm
I usually over analyze so I don't think I could play without some type of thought.  My thoughts tend to change with the shot, as well, so I try to keep them to one word thoughts.   Driver = SLOW.  I'm fighting a quick transition from backswing to downswing, hence the "slow" thought.  I also try to mimic a Matsuyama type pause during practice swings, which slows things down a bit as well. Pitching = ACCELERATE.  I usually hit better shots and duff it less when I keep the...
Tacos,  I prefer a burrito anyway.
 Let's be real... the prize is a car, you are pin seeking whether you hit first or last.  There is no way you are playing to the safe side of a green so your teammates can have a shot at winning a car while you watch.
 I would generally agree, except, a hole-in-one is not achieved through team effort.  Unless your entire group hit their shots simultaneously.     
New Posts  All Forums: