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I use this one.  Quality leather and they will emboss your initials or logo.  They have 2 versions, a top fold or side fold.   TPK Golf
The angle of the swing plane is not important here.  The focus of MOI matching is the effort required to move the club.  If I blindfold myself, choose any iron at random, and swing it around; it is not readily apparent which iron I have chosen.  All irons are balanced similarly, this is what I mean by a 5i feels like an 8i.    
I used the word feel alot...  Another way to describe what I was looking for would be consistency.  My goal was to remove a variable from the equation.  The clubs are fitted and matched to me, so they can't be an excuse.  Any problems are my fault, not the clubs', and this helps me focus more on swing mechanics. 
As a 15 Hcp...I would lean towards an improvement to the swing with a by product of saved strokes.  I want my swing to feel the same no matter the club I choose, meaning I want to feel like it takes the same effort to swing a 4i as it does 8i.  This is essentially what MOI matching achieves.  Since each club now requires similar effort, for me, I can more easily tell when tempo has increased or decreased, etc.  I also feel like I have better awareness of where the club is...
 Agree. It's is all dependent on how much weight needs to be added as well.  I highly doubt the COG of my clubs have changed by 1.5-2 inches, but I didn't have anywhere near 57 grams added either.  To clarify slightly how MOI was done for me, now that I have a chance to look at things, my 4-PW were done as stated above with powder in the shaft.  My wedges were built at the time of MOI matching and weight was added to the club head which would be the preferred method. Here...
I've had my sticks MOI matched.  MOI matching is obviously best at time of construction, but mine were matched afterwards.  I believe lead powder was poured down the shaft and into the hosel with a small cork shoved down behind to keep everything in place.  I have a chart showing before/after stats and total weight added to each club. Unfortunately I don't have it here at work, so I will post it up this evening.
I have always driven a manual car (3 cars total).  It's the first "option" I will look for when it comes time for a new car.   My wife does not know how to drive manual, but would like to learn.  I will attempt to teach her before getting a new car.  For the time being though I enjoy a working transmission... 
If you have a compressor, and depending on which superstroke you are using, maybe try a quick blast of air in the end.  May provide enough separation to get mineral spirits in and allow the grip to slide off.   I use the superstroke slim and installed the grip using air, so they do expand a little.
Hardcover is a must for as much use as I expect to get from this book.  Can't wait!
If you have the extra cash, this would qualify as exclusive.   http://humanachallenge.com/Humana-Challenge-Pro-Am
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