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You might go to Clark Howard's web site. He's a consumer advocate and has a radio talk show. He deals with a lot of similar issues. One thing he advises is to send a letter (certified) asking for copies of all documentation showing the details of this "debt". Also something about if they report a bogus debt to a credit reporting agency you will suit them to the fullest extent of the law. I don't remember all the details but you should be able to ferret it out on his...
I thought you could mark your ball anywhere on the course if it were interfering with another players swing, or by his request if your ball would interfere with his intended shot. Just could not clean the ball without penalty. So if two balls ended up touching each other in the fairway player a could mark and lift his ball just not clean it. If players a ball is on the fringe and player b's ball is in such a position that he intends to chip or pitch his ball where it...
db you may very well be right on in your assessment, on the other hand robotic equipment cutting and shaping metal can meet amazing tolerances. When reading or researching something I always consider the motivation of the person. In this case to me he is talking like is the only one who has the answers and if you want to get the right equipment then you need to buy it from him. Not saying he is wrong just suspect in my eyes because of self interest. Would mean a lot...
Here's another option though it may be a bit pricey for you. http://www.golf-mats.net/?gclid=CJus...odWmPuzg#order
Here's a bit of advice that helped stop my slicing. (PM me for the source) Try setting up with your ball on your instep and driver club head in the center of your stance. Why? Because when you place the club head behind the ball when it's forward in your stance it can cause you to set up with your shoulders open a bit which can lead to an out to in club path. This may not apply to you but doing this has cured my slicing the driver so bad it was getting where I couldn't...
Not having warm weather gear and my bones aching in cold weather, around 50 degrees is my limit. That being said if the sun is out the wind calm can go if colder. Like an earlier poster said when it's not fun.
Anybody remember those tees with half a plastic cup on top guaranteed to cure a slice?
Golf is a game and supposed to be fun. If you aren't having fun or meshing with who you're playing with then maybe it is time to find a new group. You could have a conversation with those in the group that you enjoy playing with and let them know how you feel. Who knows they may want to split off into a smaller group with you.
One thought on FootJoy as far as I know they are the only non custom fit shoe maker that makes shoes in different widths. Which is good for me because I can't wear the standard width.
Would rather have the real thing than that knock off. My guess is for performance is not as good as the new metal drivers and maybe would not out perform the true wood drivers. Anybody can put a higher price on something then mark it down for sale. In my experience cheap clubs perform like cheap clubs.
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