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Playing from the pro's tees, I doubt I'd be able to break 100...maybe not even 110. I think people underestimate the difficulty of a course like this, setup for tournament conditions
I'll second the Gull Lake courses, I play them every year and they are very nice, along with Bedford Valley. The Grande in Jackson is a really nice course and not all that far from you. Plenty of good options anywhere in this state. This will help   http://michigan.twoguyswhogolf.com/reviews/michigan_golf_course_reviews.html
Shot a 42 last night in the first week of my league. Felt pretty good, cosidering it was 45 degrees, soaking wet, and 20 mph winds. Also, it was my first time swinging since I jacked my back up last september. Was very happy to get out and play
Group golfer is awesome! I have saved so much money from that site. The best deal so for was 2 rounds and a night stay at treetops for 2 people for only $150. Lessonongolf.com is also a money saver
I have to disagree with you about lakes. I think that is one of the nicest, and tougher courses in SE Michigan. I think the layout is great especially compared to Meadows. Meadows is a fine course but its more of a feel good course in my opinion. Moose Ridge is my favorite course within an hour, it has a very up north feel to it. St. Ives, Tullymore and Bucks Run are my 3 favorite central Michigan courses. I'll be doing treerops, forest Dunes, and the tribute this...
That's so funny and true. Somehow I came down with the shanks a few weeks ago during a round, was so frustrated that I couldn't fix them, I went out the next day in different golf shoes and they were gone! I know its all mental but sometimes I feel it can make a difference
  When I worked retail in my younger days people would always say that line to me. I'm sure Dicks has customers that spend waaaaaaaay more than that in a couple years, and I'm sure they would manage to stay open without that money. Stores 90% of the time will try to do all they can to make a customer happy regardless of the amount of money you spend there
wow! that gave me a headache, but was a great read. Thanks for posting that, I'm going to impress my friends with all that knowledge this weekend lol
Thanks for clearing that up. They aren't a true blade perhaps, but they are a "players" iron designed for a lower handicap golfer, and not as an easy to hit, game improvement iron.    
Don't let people scare you away from blades. I'm about a 15 handicap and started using the Mizuno MP58's this year and I love them. Go and try hitting the blades and see how they feel. If you can't hit them well, don't buy them.
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