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At :57 in, "and then I swing normal"...Well..........we're waiting.   Looks like an octopus riding a ceiling fan.
High M.O.I., SBST at it's best. Got a 48" on order;   http://www.bobbygraceputters.com/online-store/long-a-belly-putters/details/97/20/long-&-belly-putters/amg-f-22-gold-long
I'm all over it. I'll need that Driver in a 10.5 regular shaft. Thanks.
The can is outside of the foot. It does not touch the hip, unless your hip moves outside of your foot.
Try hitting some balls with a large plastic trash can set outside your left foot. (against your foot and between your left foot and your target) Do not make contact with the can when you swing. This will induce proper rotation. You CAN thank me later. (pun intended)
Sandridge (muni., top notch) Sebastian (muni) Fairwinds ($$$$ new greens) Vista Plantation (par 60) Indian Hills in Ft. Pierce (my fave.)  
Extension on the backswing (standing up while tilting left) Extension on the follow thru (straightening of both legs, tucking hips while tilting right)  
You could call it Bend and Throw! Thanks Johnny.  
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