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I guess I'll be the only one to say it would not be as gratifying. Sure if the holes are 140+ then that's another thing, but an 85yd half-swing sand wedge? I don't think so. I've holed approach shots from longer than that, so getting a technical "hole-in-one" would honestly not mean anything. There is a course around here that is a 9-hole par 3 course with no hole greater than 100yds. There's no way it would be as gratifying for me as on a "real" par 3 course or a...
You're still not following through with your left arm properly. Your left arm folds up right at impact and into your follow through. Your want to extend through the ball, instead of picking up the club at the end.
Never, But I was playing Tour 18 in Dallas, and on #9 the simulation of #17 at TPC Sawgrass (Stadium course), I hit a perfect iron, landed it above the hole, spun it back where it lipped out! talk about heartbreaking.
I currently have a TM driver, a ping wood, callaway irons, nike wedges and a cleaveland putter lol...   If I had to make it down to one, I would probably go w/ Titleist just for overall quality, though I don't find them the best in any one category.
Lots of people chugging the Haterade® in this thread sheesh...    Anyway I'm 23 and drive the ball an average of 280ish w/ some into the 300s (GPS verified), depending on the course/conditions. I had the exact same problem a few months ago, with drives that were very high, and often slicing the ball onto other fairways. I did a couple things: 1) changed my driver swing completely - stopped the slicing for the most part, and made it much more consistent, you don't...
I assume you've never used it? I have it as well and it's fantastic for on the range analysis. The frame rate is plenty high to get all the parts of the swing you could want. I haven't had a swing yet where the impact position couldn't be frozen precisely at impact. The drawing feature is great as well.  This is an excellent app and it's cheap as well!
So... I went to test out the r11 and after a decent first shot, the rest started to get lower and lower in distance until the shaft suddenly broke and the clubhead went flying.... I've never had that happen before and was a little freaked out. Luckily the guys at golf galaxy gave me a $20 gift card, but I don't think I'll be getting one. The feel was pretty solid on hits, which I didn't really like. It kinda felt like hitting a solid block of metal, rather than a driver....
I definitely agree that ballstriking is the key to getting to single digits. Getting on the green was a big key for me and even now, probably 16 or 17 pars per round are the norm. I got alot better when I started trying to work the ball on the range. While I almost never play anything beside my natural slight fade on the course being able to move the ball was a great way for me to get used to the different feeling of differed shots so I know how a normal straight shot...
Eck... No thank you. I tried one out today actually and was not easy for me to get a good stroke with it.
Accuracy into greens.   I hit most of the greens in regulation but, not into the right spot on the green, leaving me long birdie putts. If I can get these closer to the pin, I should make more birdies.
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