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Seems unusual right? I just never need to hit anything higher than my 3i (and driver).  
I don't mind the clubs being "workable", I was just thinking that a less workable club would be better for my game since I don't use that aspect very much.   
I currently game some Nike VR TW blades, and hit them pretty well. If I've got a clear shot I almost always hit the green and have no trouble hitting my 3i (still can't hit Fairway woods or hybrids though :/). Anyhow, I've noticed lately that as my driving accuracy has increased, I don't need to work the ball very much (played 36 today and didn't need to do anything outside of my normal straight shot, and if I'm honest the workablilty of these clubs probably hurt me more...
Best shot of my life yesterday. Was playing tour 18 in Dallas and got the the 9th hole, which is a recreation of the Island green at TPC Sawgrass #17. The greens were crazy fast because they were very hard and the pin placement was on the front of the green about 6-8ft from the edge, with the green sloping towards the water and the hole. From 145, hit a nice high 7i with a slight fade. It landed right above the hole, looked like 6-7ft behind it, right at the top of the...
I have no idea what I shot, I was around 6yrs old.
Fair enough. That second 3 wood would not leave me in better shape than a 7i, and this is assuming a monster par 5. But, to each there own I suppose. You know your game better than I do.
How long are the par 5s you're thinking of? Every par 5 I play is reachable in 3 with a drive and two 7 iron shots.
I find my new clubs much easier to hit, and I beleive they helped me get to my current handicap in just the 5 months since I picked up golf again. I started again in july after not having played since HS (5 years), using the same clubs I had back then. The shafts weren't stiff enough and the clubs were old and nasty ;). I bought new clubs and my shots went alot further and straighter. Unless it's a choice between playing and new clubs, which I assume it isn't (you...
If I'm walking and my friends are in a cart, I'll usually just hold onto the side, with my bag on, and have them drop me off where our paths diverge. this only happens on tee shots though because it's usually the longest stretch on the cart path. It's not like I'm using it extensively, just to speed up play, and it's already paid for. The thing I find most annoying it when the group two groups in front of me is 4 very old, very bad golfers who are all walking very...
We always got warmup balls though, so I never had to go out cold. I thought they came with the tournament, but maybe our school payed for them :/
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