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I remember my big bertha warbird driver that I played in HS. Fun times....
I definitely do, almost all the time, but rarely when I'm not golfing. When I practice putting, chipping, when on the range, when playing by myself or with my brother-in-law, who is the only person I play with outside of the occasional guy who wants to join up. The only time I don't is if I get paired with some random guy I've never met. If I'm riding, I stick my iPhone in the cup holder and set the pandora app on and let it play. If I'm walking I'm usually in scrubs and...
I drive the ball between 280-300 most of the time, and I am terrible at hitting the green in regulation. I actually do better when I play the 7500 yard tees than when I play the 6500 yard tees at my usual course, probably because of my driver distance. A usual par 4 for me is a drive, approach off the green, chip and 1 putt.
I am definitely one of those. I chip and putt really well and rarely need to 2 putt. I lose my strokes on hitting my tee shot into the woods, then precisely hitting my irons between several branches to get it close.
I've never had to hit my 4 iron in a round yet, though on the range, it's not a problem; It's actually closer to a 3 iron which is fine. I used to hit a 2 iron blade in high school, that I had found in my garage, so long irons really aren't a problem for me. I just picked up a 48 actually :)
Yea 43* is ridiculous for a PW. I should mention I usually carry 10 clubs now so I've got lots of space in my bag.
I just picked up some new clubs that have graphite shafts and I love the light feel, makes the swing much easier I think. Will you pick up distance? Probably. But it might not be enough to make a difference for you.
I recently purchased new irons, 4-pw. My old clubs were a nice set of callaway x-14 pros, and I picked up some UFIs, which, needless to say, are completely different. on the x-14s my PW hit about 130, and i could get by with my SW at 100 in. My new PW hits about 150-145 (very strong loft, closer to a 8.5 iron really), and that leaves me in a bind. As I've started hitting more fairways off the tee, I'm left with alot of 120ish yd approach shots which I don't have a good...
Unless he plays on a course with a slope <113.
1.5 months... I played in High School and didn't play at all through college, then picked it up again this last summer before med school started and got right back into it. I guess it helped that these new fangled clubs are SO much straighter and lighter than the old clubs I hit during high school, but I think it's like riding a bike, " you never forget "
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