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Been experimenting the last few days with my driver as the teebox is the only thing that goes to crap on me at times.....i have 2 identical adams 9064 ld heads and my gamer has been one of the heads with an oban devotion 7 shaft and the other head is used for shaft experimentation. I also have the luxury of being able to check things on a trackman if something works well. Anyway....long story short is that ive been playing a 44 " driver and it has honestly always felt...
I played a cleveland cg15 56*  before I demoed my miura K grind.  was very very happy with the cg15.........but that K grind....there is nothing I cant escape from with that rediculous club......it never ever gets hung up.
2011 Subaru STI......built and rediculous
funny this topic came up.....I had to reshaft another club today because I had a club that was ballooning hard that I recently reshafted with a DG x100.......the shaft in question actually freq. out at senior flex......JUNK
I use a towel and brush on course as well as covers ALL of the time.  take the cover off, hit the shot, towel and brush, and cover goes back on.....I've only ever gotten crap for it one time until the guy saw what clubs I play (Miura baby blades)......then he said if he had my gear he would think about using them too.  the set of blades I had before these didnt have covers and got a ton of nicks from the topline of the club going back into the bag hitting the sole of...
I've found that the majority of people score pretty close to the following: 95 - (2 X GIR)......so if you hit 5 greens your'e around 85.....but they are legitimate GIR's.....not the no count OB ball or the ball on the fringe with a 70 footer left GIR.....but all straight forward scoring.  not 100% rock solid all the time, but if you look at your rounds it is uaually within 2 or 3 strokes
65....par is 71.....3 on the front and 3 on he back......played great.
8.....i enjoy funnies like that
If you could carry and game a 15th club, what would it be and why?......... I personally would carry an extra 60 degree lob wedge .....but in lefty (I'm RT handed).....just in case i got hammered against a collar of a bunker that i couldnt get to rt handed
How about........"never saw it"
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