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Thanks for the reply. I wouldn't say i have lost any distance, only on off center strikes because my old irons were so forgiving.   The shafts are Dynamic golf S300's. MY old shafts were uniflex.    It would be a shame if the shafts were holding me back, because ive wanted these irons for a long time and got them at a bargain! Is this something that could be worked on with lessons?   Thanks
I picked up some Taylor made MC irons for £200 off a friend. They are stunning I couldn't say no. 100% genuine with new golf prides and dynamic golds. Its a big change from x24's. And I seem to be struggling to hit a high trajectory. The ball seems to be super hot going into greens. I feel I'm striking that ball well with them tho.. Could the shafts be too stiff for me? My pro thinks I should have stiff shafts. I measurd my swing a while back. I think it was around 90...
I played here a few months ago on holiday. It was a nice course, but i found extremely difficult (maybe because i was hungover)   The greens were absolute lightening! I think it took me 12 holes to make a par. I 3-4 putted so may times. lol   It was interesting anyway. Has anyone else played here?    Also cart girls are amazing. Wish we had them in the UK.
Butthurt Americans detected. Why u mad? Is it because tiger cant hit a ball for love nor *****?   Euro tour is where its at. Class > ricky fagler and co.
I snapped my putter yesterday. Had the worst round in a long time. missed so many short putts.    i was left with a 3 foot bogey putt on stroke index 1, i said to my playing partner. 'if this doesent go in im snapping this putter'   sure enough i missed it and snapped it over my knee. felt gooood
Anyone here managed to reach the farthest target? (the one you are aiming to at the start)   I think you have to bounce it over one path, onto the other and across the river. Its insanely hard
is there anywhere i can watch this online in the UK?   all i can find on the golf channel website is bloopers ect
is there a download available?
anyone know what model this is?
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