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I caddy at a really exclusive private club, and people always ask me about the members, and assume that they are all douche bags. I'm like, it's actually like any other group of people. Some are cool, some people are •••••••s. That's just how life works. But yeah, I'm 16, and I run into lots of older members at my club. (8 % of them are thrilled to see me even playing the game. 50% ask me to play with them, 48% ask me if I'd like to play through, and 2& of people...
Anthony Kim has said himself that he has a terrible work ethic, so he either needs to develop one, or he's going somewhere besides the PGA
Truly one of the greatest teachers. very simple, bite-sized lessons. great stories, and i like the stories about the young pros (tom kite etc,)
Pretty good, little quick for my taste, but thats entirely personal preference. takeaway is slightly inside,
I don't know dude. I think he was overexposed, and lacked the talent to do any real damage. I think the best hope for the future is McIlroy
I say screw them, they didn't give you anything, you don't give them anything
If you like your 3 iron, and hit it well, then get a lob wedge. If you don't then get a 3 hybrid, and also get a lob wedge (60*)
Thank you very much, most complete answer I've gotten. I'll try all these things, but I have to wait a little while, don't want to do a massive overhaul in the middle of the high school season :P
that's my plan hahaha. I'd be the anti-Furyk. WAY inside, first, rather than vice versa.
hahahaha yeah. We're right in the middle of high school golf season, so I can't make any real big changes. Buit i appreciate the tip, I'll try it next spring
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