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thank you all, I guess I'll have to see what I shoot when next season begins.
hi all I am about 16 handicap player. I started golfing last year and my goal this year was to become a bogey player which I have accomplished. two weeks ago I played a single digit for the first time. It wasn't like +8 or +9. I actually played +4. From my personal point of view, I think it is because that I have played under the winter rule which allows players to pickup and clean the ball when the ball is stuck on the wet ground. I know it has to be played that way...
wow.... golfers dream home right there!!
Played at Northview Canal yesterday I hit a 9 iron at 17th hole par3 139 yards and the ball dropped right behind the pin and backspinned right inside. my first hole in one ever!!!
I don't know what the hell is wrong with me but I hit a 41 + 35 today. I hit 2 eagles 1 birdie and one of the eagle was a hole in one from a 139 par 3 at Northview Canal in BC I am an average bogey player and I still can't believe it.
Odyssey Black series i9 is what I use and works great~~~
interesting post... I do avoid buying cheapest ones but I don't like spending like 250 on a golf shoes either. I don't know if I am right wrong but you have a point too.
hello, I am currently fighting with one of my problem. I think I hit pretty long since my 7 iron carries about 170. I hit all my irons straight but hit them very high. you can say it is a good thing but on the windy day it is very hard to judge the distance and aim. I sort of know what my problem is. I tend to finish high. But when I try to finish lower my ball draws alot and becomes hard to control. stinger shots works sometimes but I don't want my normal swing to...
search for "reverse pivot" it seems like the problem in the swing from my point of view even though I am not in a position to help others yet.
Another thing that I've noticed is that almost everyone who replied is below 15 handicap and I think more higher handicapped golfers should give us more comments~~~
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