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Sad to hear about his passing, I was unaware.   If I don't get this mixed up with someone else, he was on the Ben Hogan staff at one time reporting back to Mr. Hogan about all things Tour.
Anybody have a look at Miller Barber's swing from the 60's.  It did make the analysts of that time shake their heads.
He also had special way to grill a steak that Butch Harmon told us about in the Ben Hogan Collection dvd set when we interviewed him.  
Well, the point is, his was the best secret.
I started to read that ebook and gave it a shove quickly.  So totally off the wall.
Better than most I have seen.  A little more work on stance and posture would result in not quite as flat a backswing.  I do believe there are lots of golfers that use Hogan as a swing model, not just 2.  
Hogan stated in an interview that he was much better before the accident than after the accident.  It appears Middlecoff had his own opinion on that subject.  Watch the videos and you will the difference.
The best source was the Life Magazine article of (I think if was the 8/8/55) where he fully describes what he did to produce his 'secret'.  It really describes what he did to produce the power fade, a shot that took off on the target line and trailed off the the right at the end.  Every once in awhile one will show up on Ebay and you can purchase the original magazine article.  It includes pictures of his wrist position when he forced a cupping of his left wrist at the...
Videos and extensive explanations can be found in 'The Ben Hogan Collection' 3 dvd set.  We put in a lot of film of Mr. Hogan to give the viewer an extensive number of examples of his swing from a variety of angles.  That is the real deal.  That is a good starting point. 
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