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look into arthur extreme xcaliber shafts.  fantastic shafts.  they had a huge sale going on just last month (probably still going). their shafts are some of the lowest launching in the market. i got their 6 stiff shaft for my superfast 2.0 tp, and it launches lower than matrix hd6 and rip alpha 60.  the shaft was $30. 
hello all, an equipment newbie here. all my clubs are in factory settings.  i have never changed anything in my clubs. so, i have no knowledge about club fittings, changing shafts, changing grips, etc.   my father received maruman exim nano driver as a gift a while ago but he does not use it as he prefers stiff shafts. here is some information about the driver: http://www.golflink.com/golf-equipment/product-detail.aspx?p=326535   as far as i know, this is...
when buying those refinished balls, its all about luck i think. i bought refinished balls 3 times. twice, they were pretty much brand new, but the 3rd batch was absolute crap.
last saturday, on the 9th hole, 342 yds par 4 and there was a creek at about 220 yds from the tee box. i hit my driver over the creek, the ball hit the car path which was about 40 yds away from the creek, took a huge bounce and rolled onto the green. of course, i blew my eagle chance and 2 putted. but a birdie is fine with me.
i am a customs broker, working in nj.
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