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I found the exact opposite.  Most "athletic fit" golf shirts i've tried on tend to be to long and wide in the sleeve. This is from most popular brands like Nike, Addidas, etc.  The closest thing I've found to fit me correctly is the Puma shirts which retail for around 60 dollars.  I think difference in opinion on correct fit correlates to age.  An athletic fit to a 45 year old is absolutely not the fit for a 20 something year old.     
Wow. You must be pretty well off shorty, to not think that 125 dollars for a shirt is "ridiculous".   Great job on the economics lesson too.   Sign me up for some shirts Golfisfun. I find it ridiculous how hard it is to find a shirt that fits correctly.
this sounds interesting. is this only for the stack and tilt method??thx for the input guys, im going to check out some instructors and make my decision.
have a couple hundred dollars to spare. was wondering what you think would be more beneficial to my game. 2 or 3 lessons or a casio ex-fh100 and work on my swing myself??
at first i thought it was old and tacky looking. but after a few looks its pretty cool sort of updated retro feel. def dont like the lavender cardigan though.
pretty impossible to compare from two different eras, but id have to go with tiger.
shot a 102 = O
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