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Had my first round after roughly 18 months out due to the birth of my daughter. First two holes I couldn't swing a club then on the first I started slowing it right down and it seemed to work. Carded a 93 which was not bad as the greens were recently aerated and a couple of putts lipped out. Generally happy with it and glad to say that I've been reunited with the bug! 
I play myself most of the time. I'm a student just now and most of my friends have full-time jobs so when I have spare time I usually just went down the course and played either 9 or 18 alone. I feel it's sometimes better than playing with buddies as you're not subconsciously trying to out-do your opponent
Was playing a local municipal course with a couple of my friends earlier in the week and was playing a long par 4. My drive ends up in the right hand rough which that day was really playing hard. I take out a 5 iron to try and get it out but the grass just catches the club and the ball maybe goes 40 yards and lands in some lighter rough. There are some guys on the tee of the par 3, which is behind the green of this par 4 and I can make out one of the guys turning round...
I know asking for any advice may be a long shot considering I don't have a swing video yet but hopefully I can make it to the golf club tomorrow and take a few. Anyway, basically for the last 2 months any time I hit a tee shot with my driver the ball barely gets five feet off the ground and therefore goes about 30-40 yards in front of the tee box. I've been playing golf for two years now and never had this problem as consistent as it is just now (it happens on every tee...
Played 9 holes a couple days ago with my uncle and his brother. Shot +9, pretty good for me though. Every hole I had a putt for par which is really unusual for me, my short irons were really letting me down though. Think if I had stayed no played the full 18 that I would have legitimately broke 90 for the first time, so excited for the next time I go out (Sunday)
www.bcgolf.co.uk :)
My dad still uses his 2 iron and regularly tees off with his 1 iron too. I can't hit either of them though!
My best shot to date was on the 6th hole at Bothwell Castle Golf Club. Hit a not-so-decent drive that found the rough and continued to hit my second shot fat - sending the ball all of 20 yards further towards the hole. I was left with about 90 yards to the pin so pulled out a pitching wedge. After a few practice swings I hit the shot and it stopped dead about 1inch from the hole. It felt amazing ! 
Break 100 more often. Managed to break 100 three times during the summer and was pretty happy about it. The lowest I shot was 94, extremely happy about that given I started the game properly in the autumn of 2010. Become better at course management. Too many times I've gone into a shot knowing in the back of my mind I should be playing a different club/different type of shot. Get more Birdies. Only managed a few this year, hopefully that's the start of many...
I usually only play with my uncle and father, but sometimes I play with some friends I met in work, and have managed to get a couple of my friends from my old high school to take up golf which has been pretty cool :) 
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