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How many shag balls can you buy for the cost of a ball return and the novelty of hitting the same ball into the net over and over?
0 - I carry a 3W and 7W and then 4i. I use my 7W like a hybrid.
 Your post made me chuckle a little.  In my younger years, I remember when snow boards first started appearing on the ski slopes and I said almost exactly the same thing about them. Even the part about tearing up the slopes.   Snowboards were (and still are) responsible for bringing a different demographic to the slopes.  Although I'm in the 50+ demographic, I'd definitely be open to trying them....as long as the weight limit was sufficient.  I'm not exactly a small guy....
i was able to work from home and had it on in the background. I really enjoyed watching the event and I like the new format that includes match play.  Unfortunately, I'll be travelling for the next few days for work and probably won't be able to watch much of the guys championship.   On the bright side, I'm hoping to get onto Bethpage Red on Saturday morning before I return home.
I normally don't experience pace of play issues for the courses at which I play....but it happens occasionally....like this weekend.  The starter let a 4-some start on #10 despite #1 being wide open and a steady flow of traffic already on the course.  Compounding the problem, is that this 4-some felt like they owned the course and proceeded to hit numerous drives.  We watched one idiot top about 6 consecutive tee shots.  The rest were not much better and equally entitled...
We need legislation that requires a losing party to pay the legal expenses of the winning part in the U.S. to minimize frivolous law suits.  Suing because you've been privately notified that you are a sandbagger is frivolous....especially when it's true.
Ridiculous question which you answered in your own post.  She's American unless you feel Hawaiians are not Americans.  But your question now has me "confused" if I'm American (or not) since I have a mixed heritage which does not include Native American. [sarcasm alert]
It would be interesting to see a true evaluation of the economics.  I suspect the very high initial capital costs for artificial turf courses (relative to the probable life span of the turf) combined with ongoing course maintenance costs result in economics that are not dramatically different than natural courses that utilize environmentally friendly practices.   I'd be willing to give it a try....as long as I wasn't roasted on a sunny day.
 Here's what happened:http://www.lasvegassun.com/news/2007/jul/31/artificial-turf-real-deal-for-golf/
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