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We need legislation that requires a losing party to pay the legal expenses of the winning part in the U.S. to minimize frivolous law suits.  Suing because you've been privately notified that you are a sandbagger is frivolous....especially when it's true.
Ridiculous question which you answered in your own post.  She's American unless you feel Hawaiians are not Americans.  But your question now has me "confused" if I'm American (or not) since I have a mixed heritage which does not include Native American. [sarcasm alert]
It would be interesting to see a true evaluation of the economics.  I suspect the very high initial capital costs for artificial turf courses (relative to the probable life span of the turf) combined with ongoing course maintenance costs result in economics that are not dramatically different than natural courses that utilize environmentally friendly practices.   I'd be willing to give it a try....as long as I wasn't roasted on a sunny day.
 Here's what happened:http://www.lasvegassun.com/news/2007/jul/31/artificial-turf-real-deal-for-golf/
I like FJ and wear 13W.  However, fit depends on more than just length and width.  The volume of the shoe matters a lot and some styles have a high volume while others not.  According to those on FJ's forum, the highest volume FJ shoe styles are Contour, MProject, and DNA.  I wear Contours.  The FJ Casual spikeless seems OK, but I've only tried them on and not worn them while playing.  I tried FJ Sports and couldn't even get my foot into a 13W.
I don't blame you for carrying. Last year, I regularly played a 9-hole round with a gentlemen who was about 60 years old. I believe he worked in the finance department for a local municipality. Our schedules were similar and we often arrived at the same time.  One day I show up as usual and found out that he was mugged and severely beaten the previous day by a couple of city youths who apparently needed some pocket change. He's never been back....and I don't blame him.  I...
Fair enough.  I like to play older irons....Ping in particular as of late.  I am limited (because manufacturers are limited) by the groove rule to 2 clubs to replace any that may become damaged/worn or to fill-in missing clubs.  Not 2 clubs per order but 2 clubs per my lifetime of owning the set.  I'd like to fill-in the set with a gap wedge and sand wedge but then I'm forever prevented from replacing a damaged or worn club in the future and we know wedges won't last...
IMO, the answer is "maybe."   I generally regard lasers as being for low handicappers who really benefit from the accuracy because their ball-striking is consistent.  For most mid/high handicappers (myself included), a gps is more than accurate....most of the time....especially since many devices provide layup and hazard distances as well as to the green.  I can "fine tune" my club selection based on pin position relative to the center.     Your question leads me to...
I don't know about replacing the USGA.....but certainly the USGA should re-evaluate it's consideration of their impact on amateur/recreational golfers.  You know....the ones who pay dues, attend tournaments, and watch golf on TV that then encourages sponsors to pay larger sponsor fees.  Recreational/Amateur golfers are still part of "the game."   The USGA should also be able to eat some "humble pie" and acknowledge its failures (such as the groove rule).  The groove rule...
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