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More snow this morning.  It melted by noon...but that's not the damn point.  Cold, wet, and muddy.  Weather sucks.  It will probably be another few weeks before courses open assuming we can stay above freezing and the ground can dry out enough.  Can't wait until every snow bank is gone.  Haven't touched a club since September because October was cold and wet with snow showers around Halloween.  I'm long past "winter depression."  What comes after that.
I use a GPS watch and really like having it ready for immediate access...nothing in my pocket and don't have to go to the cart to retrieve it if I need a yardage.  I know some don;t like a watch but it doesn't bother me at all.  I only refer to it when I don't have a convenient yardage marker in the fairway.
7:00AM (sometimes earlier) - So I can get back and start working on all the stuff I usually have to get done.  Dew and dealing with the grounds crew are issues.
putter sw pw 8i 6i 5w Driver
I only donate if there is a website with a Nigerian IP address to accept fund transfers.  I don't like to take any chances.
See below. I do make changes depending on the course and how I'm striking the ball. Most of my changes involve rotating a 3W or 3h into the upper end depending on the type of course I'm playing and how I'm be striking the ball.  As of late, I've been hitting my fairway woods and hybrids well while my driver is a little off....sort of flip flopped from most of the earlier season.  I haven't been playing a lot and only swing the driver 10-12 times a...
Irons - Winn Dri Tac Oversize Woods & Driver - Winn Dri Tac Wrap Lite Oversize
For what it's worth, I'm still using the same set of GigaGolf irons that I started golfing with.  They have been good clubs.  I'm 6'4" and my clubs are +1/2" and 2* up.
I've been putting with a blade putter for a while....with mixed results.  The biggest problem was consistent speed where some putts would be "hot" and roll well past the hole.  I found alignment difficult too.   Through trial and error, I found that center shafted mallets with wide alignment aids seemed to work best. I'm somewhat "thrifty" so spending big bucks was out out of the question.   Through the magic of Ebay, I picked up a Never Compromise center-shafted...
In context, I thought this was actually funny.  Kudos to Blixt for going along with it.
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