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I'm in for Lifetime Support when it becomes available.   Brad
 +1 for the arrangements and the swag, a very good day at a nice course.  I wish I could have helped the green team a bit more, but sadly my driver said no to that request.  It was impressive watching @Golfingdad and @Bechambo smashing 300 yard bombs. Look forward to the next one. Brad
 I'm in.
 Interesting, my phone (newer OS) says 96% chance of domination to Team B, 1.5% by team C and 2.5% by A......
 That's a fine goal for you wanting to come in second place and all.
Very cool!  I use that site ALL THE TIME to get reviews of course conditions, it's very useful. Brad
Great, thanks, see you there.
 Forgot to ask, can you confirm the tee times and was a warm up bucket included in the price?Thx.
 @tristanhilton85 - can you give me the Pantone code for the green used for the winning team B?  I want to make sure I have a shirt that matches. @Golfingdad , @Bechambo , @Jaydub514 - I got a yardage book from a friend who played a tourney here recently, so that should help a little I hope. Looking forward to it. Brad
 Hole 7 is the longest, from the blues it's 241, so probably not that one. Hole 13 is downhill and 173, so that might be a good one. Hole 14 is uphill and 179. Hole 17 is downhill and 188, wider green, so maybe another good choice as well. 
New Posts  All Forums: