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Interested:   Lie Loft Length 64 53 35.25 63 57 35.25 63 61 35   Thanks for the consideration.   Brad
Question, does OTT cause the lack of straight arm on the impact shot below?     The first pic is my back swing, on plane with my setup angle.     On the downswing, it becomes steep, I think I need to work on flattening this out?     Result: Looks like I am unconsciously trying to recover from hitting the ground by bending my left elbow?       Thoughts?   Brad
My current self-imposed priority is to get my driver consistent enough to rely on.  when I analyze my rounds and where my strokes are going, off the tee is killing me.   My current miss is left, hard left, I almost never slice these days.   I think my issue is tempo related, but I really don't have any idea.   I would welcome any feedback related to what I should focus on first, obviously there is probably more than one thing wrong here.        
 Thanks for answering, again, I'm just being curious here. Given what you wrote above, what is the difference in your mind between a practice and regular round, it does not look like you are doing anything different. This article give some good examples of what someone would use a practice round for say, prior to a tournament.   http://www.juniorgolfscoreboard.com/ss_4_archive.asp?passsskID=69
 Curious, when do you make the call on practice round vs. official round?  A) The day/night beforeB) On the drive to the courseC) on the first teeD) after 2 holes I have read Eric/Mike's responses and I tend to agree, it seems like trying to make swing changes on the course would prove to be very difficult.  Where a practice round can come in handy for people like you and me that don't have access to decent short game practice areas is to use the course for this, setup...
 They will make great iron covers!  
You shoes, always your shoes.   And your belt should match as close as it can to your shoes as well.    But since you will be on the course, no one will really care.  :)
I'm in for Lifetime Support when it becomes available.   Brad
 +1 for the arrangements and the swag, a very good day at a nice course.  I wish I could have helped the green team a bit more, but sadly my driver said no to that request.  It was impressive watching @Golfingdad and @Bechambo smashing 300 yard bombs. Look forward to the next one. Brad
 I'm in.
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