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Great, thanks, see you there.
 Forgot to ask, can you confirm the tee times and was a warm up bucket included in the price?Thx.
 @tristanhilton85 - can you give me the Pantone code for the green used for the winning team B?  I want to make sure I have a shirt that matches. @Golfingdad , @Bechambo , @Jaydub514 - I got a yardage book from a friend who played a tourney here recently, so that should help a little I hope. Looking forward to it. Brad
 Hole 7 is the longest, from the blues it's 241, so probably not that one. Hole 13 is downhill and 173, so that might be a good one. Hole 14 is uphill and 179. Hole 17 is downhill and 188, wider green, so maybe another good choice as well. 
 Are the teams decided? Should be perfect weather Sunday.
 From the profile, it looks like RyMerritt is a 21. Maybe go with that for now?Brad
 Today is the last HC revision date before the event: Here is the updated list: No. Player Handicap 1 @mvmac   2 @tristanhilton85   3 @Golfingdad   4 @Big C   5 @Bechambo   6 @Ringworld   7 @k-troop   8 @Shindig   9 @bmartin461  16 10 @The 8th green   11 @RyMerritt   12 @Jaydub514     
I want outrageous speed with a Callaway XR driver!   Rickie Fowler -11 John Senden -9 Matt Every -8
I've paid, thanks for coordinating. Brad +2 (no, this is not my current index....)
I've paid, thanks for coordinating.   Brad
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